Misirlou: The 2018 Thriller About Elitism and Adrenochrome

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If you’ve been on Twitter recently, you may have noticed #Adrenochrome trending in your newsfeed. The term refers to a psychedelic drug referenced in Hunter S. Thompson’s “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” where the main character recalls buying adrenochrome, a substance harvested from the adrenal glands of humans. In True Auteur’s upcoming film, “Misirlou,” a Combat Veteran named West (Trevor Simms) is thrust into a group of Venice Beach psychopaths, who kill people to extract the substance. Tom Sizemore plays the part of Colonel Big Rich, a member of the murderous gang.

As the film is not available for screening yet, I cannot offer a review, but I was able to interview Sizemore this afternoon regarding his role and the film’s plot. He informed me that he was a “hired gun” for the film, and went on to summarize the plot as follows: “It seems to be a seemingly playful critique of American society, particularly the strains the governmental warlord’s cannibalistic agenda FORCES on mankind, prying on human adrenal glands, and the earth’s resources.” He also added, “I think that’s what this movie is about. Killing the bad guys to revive the American Dream.”

Tom Sizemore Misirlou movie

The film’s plot is certainly timely, as the boards of sites such as Reddit and 4chan are currently filled with discussions involving elitism, government cover-ups and other conspiracy theories. To view the full cast and get updates on its release, visit Misirlou movie.


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