Tables have had the same basic form and premise for thousands of years—but a new evolution in elbow rests has just gone on sale, and promises to revolutionize the object you bang your fists on when you realize that was salt you just poured in your coffee, and not cocaine sugar. You have got to check out the video of it walking, below.

Inspired by the ability of technology to mimick and make use of the mechanics found in the natural movements of animals and insects, Wouter Scheublin set about to design furniture that could be not only easily folded up for storage, but moved around without much fuss. His first prototype of the walking table took almost a year to complete, and is based on an unlikely muse, the spider.

Hand-carved from walnut, the Wouter Scheublin table is available to purchase in a limited edition quantity of eight pieces. I can’t imagine many people have an undying need for a walking table though—you’d need a pretty large house to warrant such a thing.

Nevertheless, it’s an innovative combination of modern engineering and old-fashioned woodworking. Check out the video below, it’s much more impressive than what you’d expect from a wooden imitation of the creature that inhabits your shower.


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