True Pundit Nominated for T.S. Eliot Award

The kings of copy & paste


The independent news outlet True Pundit has been nominated for the prestigious T.S. Eliot Award, for banality in journalism. The award is given to only the most hackneyed journalists, who best embody the spirit of imitation now held in such high regard.

The self-appointed kings of copy & paste have scraped articles from such obscure sources as Fox, the Western Journal and the Washington Examiner, none of which would have the popularity they now enjoy without being copied by True Pundit.

The only news outlet they haven’t lifted articles from directly is the Columbian Post. When reached for comment, True Pundit Scraper-in-Chief Thomas Paine said, “Columbian Post’s content is just too fresh, and they actually cite their sources beneath their articles, it’s madness!”

Unlike True Pundit, the Columbian Post takes a very unconventional approach to reporting the news: they write their own content.

When asked about the mysterious source of this unique content, Editor-in-Chief Danny Wolf said, “We have these things called…columnists, and they practice an arcane form of wizardry known as ‘writing.’ I’m not quite sure how it works, exactly.”


  1. Haha “for banality in journalism” this is great. I’ll admit I use True Pundit as a source of news but I’ve always thought it strange that 90% of their articles are copied from other sites,, and the few that are original consist of less than 100 words. Can they not afford writers?

    • Given their incessant whiny caterwauling for donations, I don’t think they can afford much at all. They certainly can’t afford a fact-checker ?



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