The Art of Apathy


I’ve had considerably much less time to publish in The Sentinel of late, as I’ve been laboring on the penning of a book. Publication is tentatively scheduled for April 1, of 2025, as I’ve been, at present, most unmotivated, which is, in fact, one of the themes of my book.

A great many books have been written to inspire, motivate, enlighten or otherwise benefit the reader by imparting the wisdom of age with the art and prose of storytelling. This is not one of those books. The Art of Apathy is the antithesis to the above and has a different readership in mind.

In this book, I will show you how living an apathetic life, and inspiring others to do so, can change the world for the better. Remember that “progress” has only ever been possible when it is forced through by motivationally-privileged, self-righteous individuals, possessed with a heightened sense of moral superiority, who create an atmosphere of fear and self-loathing wherever they go.

Without such exquisitely sadomasochistic people, we would never have discovered, for example, that there are, in fact, at least 72 genders. Science, and its foolish proponents, blinded by such fallacies as logic and reasoning, weren’t privy to these additional 70+ genders.

Table of Contents

1) Check Your Motivation Privilege

2) The Secret of the Missing Fucks

3) How to Spew Absolute Bullshit and Sound Profound to Idiots

4) Children Make Terrible Pets

5) To be completed…maybe



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