Senator Anita Hawkins Suggests Groundbreaking Bill to End Racism, Violence

Trolling Under a Bridge Too Far


Senator Anita Hawkins proposed a bill Wednesday to swiftly end racism and violence in America by “having more murals of people holding hands.” The Murals for Diversity Bill will be put to a vote in the Senate January of 2018, and will cost taxpayers a mere $23.5 Billion.

You may know Senator Hawkins from her colorful “viral” tweets, such as this gem:

senator anita hawkins twitter

The Senator declined to comment on the Bill, we believe her staff may be busy attempting to come up with a reply to Twitter user Russian Bot‘s witticisms.


  1. You’re trolling a troll twitter account lol. Like a Conservative news take on the Onion that’s awesome

    P.S. I swear I’m not a troll, so please don’t troll me ?



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