Floridians may have more than just mass shooters and cowardly sheriffs to worry about. After Russian President Vladimir Putin extended his condolences to victims of the Parkland shooting, progressives were somewhat confused as to how they should react to the man they’ve spent 2 years blaming Trump’s Presidency on.

According to a Kremlin press release:

The Russian head of state expressed his sincere sympathy and support for the relatives and loved ones of the victims and wished all those affected a speedy recovery.

As President Trump was receiving this message from Putin, Russian bots were allegedly making #GunControlNow a trending term on Twitter. That’s right, according to The Hill, Twitter accounts believed to be tied to the Kremlin began tweeting a pro-gun control message in a coordinated effort that helped fuel the current vitriol on the social media platform. Of course, given the fact the notoriously-inaccurate Hamilton 68 program was used to identify these accounts, they could just as well have been operated by a couple teenagers on 4chan.

As progressives wondered if they should thank Putin for the artificial boost of their anti-gun propaganda, Putin subtly threatened to nuke Florida in his annual parliamentary address. The understated threat has left progressives deeply confused. Ordinarily, they love dictators who threaten to nuke the United States, particularly Florida, and progressives have long shown deep affection for Russian tyrants, including Stalin and Trotsky. It’s a well known rule of thumb that the more a country hates America — whether it’s North Korea, Iran, or Russia — the more progressives generally want to break out the bongo drums and start singing “Kumbaya, Comrade.”

The following clip, starting at 0:39, shows Florida being nuked, in a video shown during Putin’s parliamentary address:

Now that Putin has threatened to nuke Florida, perhaps progressives should start worshiping him like other heroes of the Left. Ah, if only he were black with perfectly creased pants . . . sigh.

Putin threatens to nuke florida
Screengrab of Russian video shows ICBMs striking Florida (Miami Herald)


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