Dog Runs for Senate

A Candidate You Can Trust: Man's Best Friend


Given the recent controversy over Rep. Sheila Lee’s proclivity for hijacking first class seats, an unlikely candidate is hoping to run for the Senate in Lee’s District: a dog named Jake.

According to his campaign site, Jake is running for Senator in Texas on the Republican ticket, stating, “Clearly Rep. Lee’s voters have excellent judgement.”

For a little background on this furry Senatorial hopeful, we quote his online biography:

“Jake is a 3 year old native of Middle Tennessee, currently residing in San Diego, Ca. As a Rhodesian/Boxer mix, Jake has faced adversity and discrimination from a young age. He hopes to champion the civil rights of Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Boxers, and fight back against the vile subversion of our great Republic by the feline Communists and their human advocates. Never trust a cat person. Jake is an avid traveler, preferring the freedom of the front seat of a Chevy Silverado and the wind in his whiskers to the confinement of first class seats on United flights. As Texas’ next Senator, Jake is a candidate you can trust: man’s best friend.”

We salute Jake’s ambition, and look forward to providing exclusive coverage on his campaign. Surely, if Sheila Lee can become an elected member of the U.S. House of Reps, a dog will make a fine candidate for the Senate.


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