Trump vs Bannon: Round One


Anytime the mainstream media can ridicule the President, or anyone surrounding his administration; they do so with a speed that matches the decline of Joy Villa’s career. CNN and others act dumbfounded when you bring this to light, but all you have to do is look at their provocative headlines.

I said in an article two weeks ago that Steve Bannon’s civic-nationalist strategy was failing. Bannon was a good guy at the beginning, but we now see that he is really in it for himself. If Bannon wanted to help President Trump, we would not be talking about his quotes from reporter Michael Wolff’s new book. Bannon only cares about the disciples of Bannonism: the Far Right.

Bannon is quoted saying that the infamous meeting with Donald Jr., Kushner, the Russian lawyer, and various others were “treasonous”. He made it clear in his interview with Charlie Rose that he had a distaste for Kushner and Ivanka. He played nicely when referring directly to them, but tension between the three was prevalent until Bannon’s ousting.

Trump versus Bannon

Roy Moore’s defeat in Alabama last month took a heavy toll on Bannon and his entourage. I said from the beginning that the nationalist-populist wave of Bannon would be good for the Alt-Right, but would eventually need to be phazed out.

The President fired back at Bannon saying “When he was fired, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind.” This is an excerpt in a fiery response coming from the White House administration yesterday. Anybody that crosses Donald J. Trump will be met with “fire and fury”, especially a supposed ally.

I think the fall of Bannon is imminent. It is happening sooner than I excepted, but it is definitely upon us. Contrary to his belief, you can’t meme a candidate into office.

When Bannon left the White House, we knew that there was more to the story, but he was insistent that he would be working from the outside to help Trump-endorsed candidates in 2018. The president’s endorsement of Luther Strange showed inconsistencies with that theory. Bannon supported Roy Moore while the President endorsed Strange.

Roy Moore Alabama Senate race

The former Executive Chairman had the chance to ride out his firing gracefully. He had the opportunity to help Donald Trump, but for some reason, he has chosen to launch an all-out war. I think President Trump is right in saying that Bannon is “out for himself”.

This will definitely not help the matter. The media pounces on any bit of information that delegitimizes Donald Trump’s Presidency. This situation is special because they see Bannon as the heartbeat of Trump’s nationalist-populist movement. I think it will be very interesting to see what happens next, but I think it is safe to say that Bannon is done.


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