We have all heard our politicians, corporate CEOs, and university presidents declare that “diversity is our greatest strength.” This myth mostly goes unquestioned and if you have the audacity to critique diversity, your life could potentially be destroyed.

A good friend of mine in the Alt-Right has a really swell saying about the marxist left. “To them, facts do not matter.” The egalitarian right and radical left live on emotion. They do not react to facts and the truth.

So is diversity truly our greatest strength, or is it our greatest source of conflict?

People like Jared Taylor have looked at this issue extensively, but it does not take a book to expose the true disastrous effects of diversity and multiculturalism.

White identity Jared Taylor

Taylor’s 2011 White Identity: A Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century, he points multitudes of instances that disproves the egalitarians belief that diversity somehow adds advantages to our society.

Taylor dedicates an entire section to the American churches. He states that in the 1960s American churches were deeply involved in the Civils Rights movement, but he ask “have they practiced what they’ve preached?”

Churches today, are some of the most segregated places in the country. Taylor states that in schools or a workplace, it would be considered “hyper-segregated.”

The fact is that when the federal government isn’t in control, people naturally gather amongst their own. If you look at our nation’s history, we were much more united when the country was 90% European.

Robert Putnam’s “Bowling Alone” looks at public participation in the US. Putnam documents the decline of clubs, sports teams, and even voting habits. Americans do not feel as united as we once was. This is in direct result of racial enclaves that are created from the effects of a multiracial society.

The Chinese people would never consider allowing other groups of people to come live in their country and change their culture and identity. China is not a nation of citizens, but a nation of people.

Diversity china

I once asked someone on the egalitarian right would Japan be Japan without a super majority of Japanese people? The guy quietly sat and pondered on the question and decided that he did not want to admit the answer that we both knew.

The purpose of this article isn’t to dig deep into analytical descriptions, but to point out the obvious. What is so great about diversity? Cramming people from different cultures, backgrounds, religions, and races into one place is a great thing?

From the date that I have reviewed more and more Americans of European descent are beginning to notice the anti-white rhetoric being spewed in our college universities. More whites are starting to think about the founding of our country and its intent.

I am not against debating some of the specifics in relation to our founding documents, but what I think we should all understand is that we have a foundation of principles. We have a cornerstone of integrity, but we are allowing the egalitarian right and left to rob that from our descendants.

Diversity people over green background
Diversity being our greatest strength is no more than propaganda to achieve objectives of the left. There is no data or any analysis that points in a positive direction of diversity.

The last thing that I will leave you with is this. Why are countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia not opening up their doors and minds to this leftist utopia of diversity and multiracialism? Why is it that only white countries are the places where this new age, post-modern theory being pushed?

In the coming weeks I will be publishing several additional parts to this introduction into “The Myth of Diversity.” This is just the opening to more information to come. I will be combining data, facts, and some opinions of others to show you that this is the greatest hoax to ever be perpetuated on a civilization of people.


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