The Ire of Islam


Islam condemns non-believers to death, openly advocates murdering all homosexuals and strips women of basic human rights – denying females education, forcing them to cover their body and brutally punishing those who speak or act inappropriately – and the Department of Justice wants to prosecute those individuals who expose these blatant abuses for hate speech? Come again? Truly, what is more offensive than Sharia Law in a country forged upon the prescribed necessity of liberty, equality and due process? All lives matter regardless of religion, gender, race, or sexual orientation.

Our forefathers founded this nation to escape the perils of religious persecution and to erect a nation predicated upon individual liberty; not government persecution based on subjective tolerance. Who hasn’t been verbally disrespected, insulted or angered by another? But that doesnt give me Carte Blanche, a “Get out of jail free” card or automatic political pardon to gun down innocent people in a sadistic rage of vengeance.

In other words, Freedom of speech doesn’t come with an asterisk, and your sensibilities may be offended, but murder is universally despised. Blaming an unflattering video for the terrorist attack on Benghazi is like blaming a broken toaster for kicking your dog. You’re still accountable, all garnish aside. Nearly all religions, at some time or another are guilty of grotesque transgressions. That fact is irrefutable.

Innocence of Muslims

However, you’d be hard pressed to find one in the past century that surpasses Islam in terms of body count, on-going human rights abuses, and sheer mass depravity. Perhaps this is also why the Islamic world has never had a reformation…a formal questioning or rebuke of it’s most antiquated, hateful and violent tenets. Muslims are overwhelmingly disinterested in assimilating with the civilized world; merely conquering and converting humanity in the name of Allah.


Muslims Violently Attack Police & Bystanders at Tommy Robinson’s Speech at Speakers’ Corner

If I’m going to be prosecuted for speaking an uncomfortable truth about Islam; that which is supported by the Koran – the ideological basis of Islam itself – how long is it before Washington jails or silences American citizens for their personal political beliefs: whether or not they support abortion, believe in climate change, or advocate the second amendment for the purpose of self-defense? Are atheists being arrested for mocking Jesus or degrading Christianity in the most perverse and offensive manner imaginable? Is right or wrong, acceptable or punishable simply dependent on whether a Republican or Democrat is in office?

If we allow this nation to slide down this slippery slope of aggravated subjectivity, silencing dissenting speech and attacking freedom of thought, then “We the People” must be prepared to watch our God-given rights, if not our constitutional republic will vanish beneath the growing fog of excused tyranny. If I may, when did common sense, dare I say individuality, require a pemission slip?


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