The Great American Experiment: To Rise Before The Fall


For a number of years, scholars have surmised America is spiraling towards the dustbin of history. Every great civilization, no matter how refined or transcendent, have all shared one inescapable similarity: the inevitable decline of their power and global influence.

Although the impetus of their fall may have varied – from apathy to corruption, the conquering hoard of war or unforeseen misfortune – their fates were more or less, forever linked to the failings of human nature. It is therefore of little surprise more and more Americans believe the most transcendent nation in modern history is now beyond saving; a fractured shell hopelessly beyond adrift from its once liberated intent.

With increasing numbers of voters unable to discern fact from fiction, and a two party system more concerned with engaging in the politics of personal destruction and hostile suppression, winning at all costs, a disturbing percentage of Americans are more concerned with partisan supremacy than the actual survival and the State of the Union; a Constitutional Republic explicitly forged upon individual liberty, limited government, capitalism, Judeo-Christian ethics, self-reliance and accountability. And yet, despite these inevitable truths, 50% of all millenials recently declared, dare I say believe, they would rather live beneath a socialist or communist regime. Ignorance is bliss until you’re reminded that starvation, censorship and the spontaneous decree of death are not right-wing fairy tales in the guarded squalors of Venezuela, Cuba or North Korea.

If the elections of 2008, 2012 and 2016 have taught us anything, it’s that the lapdog media will say or do anything to toe the party line: regardless of any percieved consequences, the subversion of our own government, the future viability of the rule of law. In this cantankerous, political era where rabid activists double as objective, award-winning journalists, no lie is too big, no manipulation too shameful, no association too infantile. From blatantly misrepresenting economic data, to concealing treason, and even blaming Donald Trump for “racist” natural disasters, nothing is too inane or inappropriate in the pursuit of manipulating public perception.

Not discounting the shock value of such vile propaganda, what does this proliferation of absurdity reveal about us as a people, an “evolved” nation, when grown varying mindsets and diverse backgrounds can no longer engage in constructive discourse without resorting to slander and stereotypes; i.e., labeling patriotic Republicans – those who actually ended the abomination of slavery, Jim Crow laws and opposed the KKK to grant citizenship and suffrage – as slave masters, Nazi’s and white supremacists?

How can our American republic solve the most pressing issues plaguing this nation, work in earnest cooperation, when we cannot agree on the problem, let alone look one another in the eye without utter disdain and blind contempt? Better yet, what hijacked country are we living in when real collusion and widespread impropriety are purposely disregarded by the press, absolving fellow partisan constituents, in favor of pursuing false judgement based on fabricated evidence solely to remove a political opponent beneath the fog of incited public hysteria? For the life of me, I cannot recall a single outgoing President, other than an anti-semitic Marxist who routinely mocked America’s heritage and presided over the worst economy since Jimmy Carter, forming an organized resistance against his successor before that leader even took the Oath of Office; especially one elected on a populist platform to reform the many failures and abuses of an increasingly corrupt and detached ruling establishment.

Our media and educational institutions, perhaps the two most indispensable mediums in sustaining a vigilant and vibrant free republic, have become so ingrained with anti-Americanism and feral disrespect towards their fellow man, that objectivity and justice are becoming frighteningly synonymous with partisan intolerance. In essence, amidst the supposed glory and entitlement of modern humanity in 2018, “We the People” are literally living in a propaganda age where truth and the intent to decieve are intrinsically one.

How can you coexist with those who believe America is an evil empire forged on greed and hatred, human trademarks that still flourish across the globe, rather than a refuge from the historical ravages of government oppression and religious persecution? How can we protect the best interests of our national sovereignty, the welfare of actual citizens, when enforcing our immigration and voting laws, passed by both parties, is now reported as a hate crime? More profoundly, why would anyone acquiesce to those agents of discontent seeking to weaken America without refrain, instead of preserving the unique opportunities she innately affords?

The fact that our two political parties cannot even agree on a core set of common sense principles – a balanced budget, lower taxes, free enterprise, government transparency, individual liberties, religious rights, a secure border – is ominous to say the least. Because the political pendulum of power sways every 4 to 8 years, our government is constantly, and often abruptly, changing directions: economically, culturally and ideologically. If any business operated under this paradigm, i.e., those who cannot print their own money or blame capitalism, they would be out of business within a year. It is nothing more than an unmitigated recipe for financial disaster. Yet, we continue to embrace this cycle of insanity as our country, and the Constitution itself, are literally torn apart by this incessant tug of war. When elected representatives can no longer pass a bill on its own merits without stuffing it full of kickbacks and highly-questionable legislation that would not pass otherwise, “the system” is irrefutably broken and the people made to bear the burden of glorified incompetence.

As someone who truly loves America, I would never abandon her to those circling wolves salivating at the mere thought of her demise. However, I cannot deny that this nation is on the precipice of rejecting free speech and individuality for the sake of self-preservation, but more profoundly to illustrate these two diametrically opposed views of “progress,” I propose the Great American Experiment. I recommend, for a moderate duration and to be reviewed upon completion, allowing like-minded states to form peaceful coalitions (as outlined in the Anti-Federalist Letters); that is, granting those states still dedicated to our founding charter – freedom/free enterprise, limited government, faith, family, hard work and duty – an opportunity to secede and thrive under a renewed constutional union.

Those remaining states, who are content to continue to accept the decay under unapologetic progressism – intrusive government, social/economic justice, secularism, political correctness, history revisionism, race bating, rampant poverty/crime – can remain under the collectivist banner of the Democratic party. Of course, as we all know, the militant left would never agree to such an amicable split, even if but a temporary reprieve, because they rely so heavily on the political capital of identity politics – anger and fear born from division, blame and distraction – rarely the relevance of proven or even reasonable policies. Their incessant need to dictate and control the everyday lives of others, specifically dissenting conservative voices, would immediately negate any hope of an agreement. Therefore, it is clear the only way that such a bold innitiative could begin, possibly succeed, would be under the auspices of a Republican President acutely aware of a scorched-earth campaign currently waging war on the American dream. And because time is dwindling as fast as basic civility, decorum, fades beneath the fallout of political militants who believe the end justifies the means, these next few years may very well represent the final opportunity to contrast these two incompatible ideologies by embodying a revered way of life millions are willing to ensure without excuse or prevarication

In the end, no matter what the duration or inherent difficulties, I have no doubt will be stark in terms of economic vitality, bureaucratic competency, national unity, and the renewed sense of moral obligation to our communities. This new union of faithful states, dedicated to the ageless attributes of virtue and natural born rights, will be vast and influential. As common sense is restored to the forefront of government, entrepreneurs will be allowed to thrive, God can rightfully return to our public institutions (not just our prisons), our borders will be secured through the reciprocated respect of legal immigration, and people will once again be held responsible for their livelihood and their actions. Now, thats not to say that assistance won’t be available to those individuals/families in need, only that such aid wouldn’t represent a career opportunity; rather, we would endeavor to compassionately assist the needy, the disabled and the elderly without indulging the apathetic, entitled or the lazy.

In short, this philosophical departure would mean no more arguing with liberals over the definition of human life, the necessity of voter ID, the right to bear arms and eliminating exploitive taxes. No more political malcontents telling us what to eat or drink; no more global warming alarmism and psuedo-science regulations; no more attacks on the sanctity of Christmas or Christianity; no more destroying historical monuments and erasing our nation’s imperfect but invaluable history; no more mindless social regression through the destructive constructs of gender identification/conditioning; and no more degrading the brave service of our armed forces by needlessly burning the American flag and kneeling during the national anthem. Yes, all are welcome to remain and prosper according to their own ambitions and abilities, regardless of race, religion and personal disposition, with the understanding these values, our nation’s founding charter, are non-negotiable and cannot be voted out by any political scheme or electoral advantage.

Naturally, there would still be open and meaningful debate regarding the specifics of these issues amongst ourselves, however these fruitful exchanges would by no means represent the mockery that placates our government now; a despotic desire to cajole, collude and dissuade the misinformed until the immoral statist agenda is forced down the American people’s throat until absolute capitulation. By choosing to stand for what is right, no matter what the cost, hope and opportunity will flourish for countless generations to come.

Likewise, when given complete autonomy over their own willing subjects, Blue State oligarchs will finally be free to fleece every successful business owner and native citizen to the point of bankruptcy and illegitimacy to impose affirmative action to the precipice of unbridled discrimination to prosecute self-defense and disarm law enforcement, and to systematically denigrate every Judeo-Christian ideal America was predicated upon. Thus, when the dust clears and the hearsay of hyperbole crumbles, the destitute, dependent, decadent masses turn on one another, progressives will have no one else to blame but themselves: not big business, not white privilege, not religious extremists, not “fake” or fox news. And then, perhaps, if for one fleeting moment, the masses will realize they have forsaken the two greatest catalysts in human history: freedom and those of faith who have the courage to act on its behalf.

I love my country, my family and God with all my heart. That being said I cannot sit idly by as the coming demographic tidal wave engineered by globalists permanently drowns the last vestiges of American independence and exceptionalism beneath the socialist cesspool of progressive rule; I cannot sit idly by and watch everything that America stands for – the wisdom and sacrifice of our forefathers who toiled as condemned traitors so we may eat from the tree of liberty – suffocate beneath the echoing footsteps of moralized facism, only to be eulogized by the Marxist indocrination of liberal academia and the smug moral relativism of Hollywood elites.  Our children deserve better, centuries of men and women who fought and died for this nation deserve better, and lastly the civilized world deserves better……”this last best hope of mankind”. This is why I would unequivocally support secession, albeit short or long term, if only to illustrate just how far this forsaken nation has fallen.

While some will find my observations exceedingly dire or entirely too presumptive, I have one final request. When you’re forced to apologize for your very existence, your identity methodically erased and private property marked as public domain, when right becomes wrong and logic a liability, and your every move is judged through the oppressive prism of class, gender or race, what will be left of America worth saving? Sometimes, the slumbering masses need to be reminded of the cost of breaking the promise that was once America. Sometimes the cost of sacrificing the comfort of the status quo is far less than the unpaid price of failing to stand for your convictions.


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