This morning I was sitting on the porch having a wake-up cigarette, and thinking up topics to write about for my debut on this site. As I was jotting down ideas, my phone lit up with the news that ABC had just tossed Roseanne into the garbage over a heavily racist tweet. That, combined with the anthem controversy in the NFL, struck me as a pretty solid topic to lead off with, discuss and dissect the utter contempt and hypocrisy we rational human beings are being sandwiched between in modern times.

Let’s start with the first issue, the NFL and the right, wrong and hypocritical path the conservative population took towards addressing it. For clarity, my position on players kneeling is who the fuck cares. Several years ago, Colin Kaepernick decided to kneel in protest of the way people of color are treated in this country, by the police specifically. To his credit, he absolutely had a valid positioning. While not nearly as bad as the media portrays the issue to be, the fact remains that it still absolutely happens; and it absolutely should not be happening in an advanced society like we pretend to have. Was taking a knee during the national anthem the right approach to take? That’s a matter of opinion really. Personally, I didn’t care for it then, and still don’t. The flag and what it stands for are the very thing that provided him with a platform to make a substantial amount of money and the visibility to make such a statement. Conversely, it clearly and decisively got his message across…initially. By that measurement alone, it has to be considered a success.

The hypocrisy started almost immediately, and it came flying in from all directions. The conservatives have always been (until recently) a group built around protecting the Constitution at all costs. Nothing has ever been more important to them than ensuring the continued survival of our most basic liberties….until it became something they didn’t like. The pro-constitutional party is now ten shades of pissed off at a citizen for daring to take full advantage of the First Amendment. Viewing it as disrespectful to the very core of America and spitting in the face of anyone who has ever worn the uniform to defend Her.

In other words, completely whiffing on why he was doing it in the first place. What could have led to a simple ‘okay, we’ve clearly messed up somewhere along the way, how do we fix this?’ instead led to a complete shitshow, and only hammering his point home even more. Congratulations, Republicans, you essentially did all of the work for him. You couldn’t get out of the way of your own hypocrisy long enough to diffuse a situation. Rather, you amplified it and made it far worse than it could or should have been. Resulting in an outright war on our police officers. Bravo. And the worst part is, hardly any of them understand what they’ve done and to what magnitude they’ve increased the severity of the problem. They’re literally drowning in their own hypocrisy and are too stupid to swim to shore.

Onto Roseanne…lovely, beautiful, charming, crotch-grabbing Roseanne. Rosie, what in the actual Hell were you thinking? Did you think 22 million viewers made you untouchable? If so, you were clearly mistaken.

To preface, absolutely nobody in their right mind should be shocked that she said what she said. Her Twitter has been loaded with ignorant and bigoted comments for a few years now. She claims it’s all done in good humor, but after being in the game for over 30 years, she knows full and well the difference between dark humor and being outright racist. Personally, I love dark humor, I’m warped like that. If you have a joke that’s likely to offend most people, I absolutely want to hear it. And I’ll likely laugh and share it with someone else. But this latest episode wasn’t a joke, it wasn’t dark humor and it wasn’t even a misguided thought. Jokes have punchlines and misguided thoughts aren’t typically stated as a matter of fact. “Looks like the Muslim brotherhood and planet of the apes had a baby” is beyond appalling, anyone who thinks otherwise should do the rest of us a favor and go play chicken with a train.

The hypocrisy in this one is, once again, painfully obvious. The same group who stood in support of Kaepernick, is standing against Roseanne for exercising her right as an American citizen. Likewise, the same group who condemned Kaepernick for exercising his First Amendment rights are now defending Roseanne for using hers. Completely ignoring what she actually said, just concerned about a Conservative voice being silenced. They are also the same group who claims to fully back the rights of businesses to operate as they see fit. As long as it’s not baking a cake for the gays, instead of something they don’t like. Such as ABC/Disney essentially firing her for being a bigot.

We don’t have to like what people say or do, but we absolutely MUST defend their right to express themselves. Censorship will solve nothing and only amplify problems. If Kaepernick or any of the other 200 plus players want to take a knee during the anthem, that’s their choice. If you don’t like it, don’t buy their jerseys or tune into their games. That’s a choice you can make to ensure your voice is heard. And given the NFL’s recent ruling, it clearly works better than bitching on social media.

Likewise, if Roseanne (or people who share her narrow-minded views) wish to go public with their thoughts, we need to let them. If for no other reason than to have people like that expose themselves. During the civil rights movement, we had groups of inbred morons running around in bedsheets to show us the ugly in our society. Identifying an issue is the first step towards correcting it. Clearly, as a society, we should have thrown the baby out with the bath water when we had the chance. Now, we NEED people like Roseanne to do things like this. How else can we identify a problem that needs fixed if we continue to push it back underground? The more people expose themselves, the better we can be as a whole. Teaching moments are what we call them. And folks went ahead and taught Roseanne that bullshit like her thoughts have dire consequences. Regardless, the overflowing hypocrisy needs to come to an end. Those of us with the ability to use both logic and reason have had enough.

Whether you agree with me, disagree with me or agree to disagree, I really don’t care. I just state the obvious.



  1. Great points Joey. I think if they’re going to fire Roseanne they should be firing Wanda Sykes too. I’ve seen the racist shit that woman tweets on a regular basis.

    • If ABC wants to fire Wanda, that’s 100% their decision and their decision alone. Those who don’t like it are free to not engage in anything she’s involved in as well as write the advertisers of her projects in protest.

      It’s free enterprise. Nobody can or should make a corporation do anything that goes against their ideals. I tend to avoid things I don’t like by not participating in them. In 34 years, it’s worked pretty well so far.



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