Something’s Rotten in the State of Alabama

And, for once, it's not Auburn football

Doug Jones and Roy Moore

I made a joke a few weeks ago that the Alabama Senate election should be decided by flipping a coin. A walking pinstripe of a man on our Facebook page failed to pick up on my sarcasm, and insisted that I was being flippant.

Be it flippant or not, better indeed it would have been than the demeaning of democracy performed by the Alabama Circuit Court, in its own political, pusillanimous decision. Judge Johnny Hardwick didn’t even have the courage of his own conviction. What the Court essentially did was decide that the contest was over and that Jones had won. But instead of thoroughly investigating the claims of voter fraud and stating its decision was based on proof that no such fraud had occurred, His Dishonor hid behind legalese language, denied the allegations without looking into them and cited the lack of time available to come to a decision before Jones’ swearing in.

However, I am sure that if the tables were turned, if the alleged voter fraud had been committed by Moore’s constituents, the Democrat Party would use all the means at its disposal to defend the basic rights of its constituents. They would call it their “moral” responsibility.

How is any thinking American supposed to block out the suspicion of collusion between the Court and the Democrat Party, when both were following adamantly the same exact strategy: wearing down the enemy by playing out the clock, using any excuse or tactic as a delaying element in order to be able to declare that time had run out.

During this entire Alabama Senate election debacle, everyone seemed so concerned that the eyes of the world were watching. And indeed they were. This was an excellent opportunity to rise to the heights of the democracy we say that we believe in and show the world that we could hold out on deciding the victor, that what was important was that we get it right.


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