Rogue One: A Jester Never Rests


Although I could detail the numerous hypocritical parallels between Robert Mueller’s raid on the office of Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, and the sheer level of impropriety present in our intelligence community, there are really two overriding questions I find most disturbing.

First, what in the Hell does such a reckless infringement upon one’s rights have to do with “Election Collusion”; the original, prescribed scope of the investigation which has already been debunked by the House Intelligence Committee, the Inspector General’s Report, as completely without merit or evidence? Secondly, how in the Hell is the undeniably-disgraced FBI – the same one that knowingly validated a fake dossier and colluded with the Obama administration, DNC, and DOJ to obtain false FISA warrants in a deep state plot to frame a newly elected president – still participating in such an obvious partisan farce that has lasted for over a year and has cost the taxpayers over 10 million dollars?

Searching for any hint or crumb of indiscretion to oust a common political foe hardly constitutes electoral collusion, nor does it acquit the man chosen to “invent” injustice, who ironically presided over perhaps the most infamous international scandal in recent memory: The Russian conglomerate Uranium One enriching the presidential slush fund of one not-so-legitimate charity, through exorbitant speaking fees and personal donations made by board members, in exchange for one-fifth of our national reserves regarding a known nuclear trigger. But, yes, by all means, more Stormy Daniels, please.

The fact that Robert Mueller still has a job – tapped by former Whitewater “prosecuter” and his long time personal subordinate, Rod Rosenstein, who repeatedly lied about internal leaks and shielded Hillary’s private server cover-up from justice – is about as predictable as Lisa Page and Peter Strzok not being immediately fired for their obscene, treasonous texts eluding to an active coup against a sitting President. And yet, no such raid was conducted on the office of Rosenstein’s wife, Lisa Barsoomian, a long-time Clinton lawyer who recieved obscene amounts of cash from the Clinton foundation for her personal political campaign, as Hillary was shielded from prosecution for at least 5 documented felonies in which she was never indicted for a single crime, let alone questioned under oath about her numerous conflicting statements.

Rosenstein wife Lisa barsoomian
Credit: Getty Images

Yes, “what difference does it make” that Lisa Barsoomian represented Robert Mueller three times, James Comey five times, Barack Obama forty-five times, Kathleen Sebellious fifty-six times, Bill Clinton forty times, and Hillary Clinton seventeen times between 1991 and 2017. And because the media is so skilled at ignoring smoke billowing from a raging dumpster fire, Barsoomian herself represented the “Democratically” weaponized FBI at least five separate times. Who needs ethics, checks and balances, when you have an army of smiling cronies so adept at disregarding the truth?

Robert Mueller’s eternal crusade to immortalize himself has not only become a rogue threat to our electoral process, that which was empowered to supposedly protect, his recent encroachment on our civil liberties proved progressivism’s real totalitarian intentions ransacking the judicial precedent of “attorney-client privilege” a key cog of due process and private legal consultation in Western society.

If any scorned individual or unhinged lynch mob can summarily invent “probable cause” with the wink and nod of a deluded Judge to justify such Gestapo tactics, a juvenile attempt to save a floundering witch hunt by seeking the glory of national headlines, then our government would be fully justified in arresting those parading bureaucrats who are unrivaled at collusion, conspiracy, stock manipulation, false prosecution, treason and election-tampering through orchestrated illegal immigration, and voter fraud, in a constitutionally sovereign nation.

Or, if I may, are we still talking about jaded porn stars, the multilingual First Lady’s accent and the length of Donald Trump’s pants, because his business associations and successes stretch much farther than the hypocrisy of a wrongfully-commissioned court jester?



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