The Rise of the Alt Right

A closer look into the Identitarian Movement

Alt Right

Donald Trump’s campaign brought on a whole new era of political movements. The dissident right has been operating behind the scenes for a long period, but Trump’s rise to power motivated these movements to come out into the public.

One of those movements, the one I belong to, is the Alt-Right or more specifically the Identitarian movement. The “normie” world discovered this movement when Hillary Clinton mentioned the Alt-Right back in 2016, during a campaign speech.

Richard Spencer’s infamous “Hail Trump” speech went viral in a matter of hours. The Alt-Right was at the forefront and the media pounced to connect Trump with what they called a “racist” movement.

There have been countless hours of coverage on the Alt-Right, and for the most part, it has been untrue and moronic reporting. The real question is, why has the Alt-Right exploded in popularity and gained massive traction? Here is the answer from a member of the Alt-Right.

Pepe the Frog

1.Immigration and Demographics

We have been told since we were children that America is a nation of immigrants and that there is a historical precedent and moral obligation that we must accept migrants and refugees. Unfortunately, a lot of people fall victim to this manipulation, and they spend their lives accepting the final fate of the US.

We are not a “nation of immigrants.” We are a nation of pioneers and settlers. The founding stock of this country did not come here and go down to the local supermarket or enjoy spending time at a local bowling league. It was tough. People died and spilled blood, sweat, and tears to build the nation up for generations to come. This is our country.

If trajectories stay the same, people of European heritage will be a minority by 2050, and eventually, be replaced in our own country. Statistics by the Pew Research Center show that Latinos will be the newfound majority in less than 30 years. The 1964 Hart-Cellar Act is what opened the floodgates for chain migration. Americans were told that this would not change the demographic make-up of this country, but it has and will continue to do so.

Donald J. Trump

2. Identity

Egalitarianism is shoved down our throats from birth. We are told over and over that every human being is essentially the same and that race is part of some greater imagination. This is one of the greatest lies told. Whites have fallen for this deception by laying down their culture and identity.

The Alt-Right has managed to “red pill” many millennials by exposing this great manipulation. We are the only race of people on earth that does not champion our identity and heritage. White children all over the world are taught that being white is a great sin. In reality, race is real. It is part of who we are. It is our genetic makeup.

3. Aesthetics

1.0 white nationalism has been outplayed. It served its purpose during that era, but we were longing for something new and fresh. Idolizing old regimes and insignias is counterproductive.

The Alt-Right brought a new and crisp image. Nice suits and neat haircuts appeal to the younger generations. We must take pride in who we are, and this includes our outer appearance. The 2.0 dapper identitarians are a significant reason why the movement has exploded.

We have our own symbols and methods. I give credit to people like Richard Spencer and Nathan Damigo for this. They built the brand and paved the road that we are all traveling. They invented this movement, and once again we have excelled in ingenuity and innovation.


We have a right to exist. We have the right to take pride in who we are and in our identity. When you think of Japan, you think of the Japanese. When you think of China, you imagine the Chinese. When you consider Europe or the US, you envision multiculturalism and diversity. Why is it that only white countries are told to accept these new world post-modern structures?

There is nothing racist about acknowledging that we are being replaced in our own countries. I will continue to beat the same drum until we prevail. I refuse to sit back and allow my children to grow up in a country that hates them. We deserve our own identity just as any other race of people.

Today we use aliases and pseudonyms.

Tomorrow we red pill Europeans across the world.


  1. Atrocious writing. “Outplayed?” Did you mean “played out?” You also use “that” too much and unnecessarily. Also, very unoriginal thinking. I’ve seen the AR trolls on Twitter spout the same nonsense day after day. If you want Richard Spencer’s attention – as you so clearly do by including him in the Tweet that brought me here to read this garbage – you are going to have to try a lot harder than that.



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