Qanon: Neo-Nazi Propaganda


qanon alt right conspiracy

Truth and fiction are at times hard to tell apart. What if I told you that Qanon is a Far-Right Neo-Nazi? A Nazi playing the part of a “Neo,” if you will. A clever construction designed to blind you to the truth. If the bullshit looks, feels, smells like truth, is it truth?

A few months ago, Stormfront and the Daily Stormer had their websites taken down for hatespeech. Around the same time, the enigmatic Q pseudonym aka #TheStorm began posting on the /pol board of 4chan, a forum known to serve as a sort of digital Zion for those wanting to express…colorful opinions. 4chan and 8chan have long been a home away from mom’s basement for those wishing to discuss the Final Solution from the safety and virtual anonymity of a keyboard.

anon follow the white rabbit
Horus the Avenger (Red Ice TV)

It’s no coincidence that among the breadcrumbs are the phrases “the storm is coming,” and “follow the white rabbit.” Sprinkle in some subtle Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, and you’ve got the perfect Matrix program to plug unwitting Conservatives, Libertarians and Alt-Lighters into. Welcome to the desert of the real.



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