Liberty Hangout has Gone Full-Blown SJW


Some weeks ago, the owners of Liberty Hangout took a hard left turn. They decided that watered-down commentary and leftist-pandering were more lucrative than the right-leaning perspective the once-popular Libertarian site had come to be known for.

It was subtle at first, a few articles showing support for Libertarian Party members of the Diet Socialist variety, followed by a little brown-nosing of the same organizations Liberty Hangout’s writers had previously denounced as being “leftist.” Then it began to gain momentum, with the swift departure of Conservative writers en masse, and culminated in a childish smear campaign aimed at Turning Point USA.

Perhaps it was the promise of exclusive candidate interviews and publicity, or simply that leftists are more fond of yellow hats and cheesy slogans. Seriously, Liberty Hangout “swag” is as lame as a Nickelback concert without booze. It makes Milo look straight. You get the point.

Liberty hangout

After talking to some of the former Liberty Hangout writers recently purged during the revolution, I can only surmise that it was a decision based on attempting to appeal to a broader demographic of readers t-shirt buyers. A demographic that gets triggered if they see even the slightest hint of a rightwing opinion. Perhaps they should offer yellow onesies for this newfound readership. The type of “Libertarians” they hope to win over are the same oxygen thieves that voted for Gary Johnson, and think smoking pot in their mom’s basement is simultaneously considered gainful employment and “anarchy as fuck, bro.”

This struck me as surprising, seeing as they were one of the only Libertarian outlets besides ourselves to cover Daniel Hayes’ rejection of Dr. Ron Paul as a speaker at the Libertarian National Convention. Then I realized they had some…personal financial motives to defend the Mises Caucus, as the relationship between Liberty Hangout and the Mises Institute is secret to no one. Which is probably why they helped Mises spread lies about the cover design for Chase Rachels’ White, Right & Libertarian, in order to force Hans-Herman Hoppe to pull his foreword from the title. While I support the Mises Institute, and their efforts to have Paul speak at the LNC, call me old-fashioned for believing a news outlet shouldn’t act as a public relations agency for a Political Action Committee.

As I mentioned this to the staff of 71republic, they informed me that Liberty Hangout’s own TJ Roberts had spread an unconfirmed rumor to them that LNC Chair Nicholas Sarwark had offered Liberty Hangout $3,000 to take down their article on Daniel Hayes’ less-than-professional dismissal of Ron Paul. Since there’s no concrete method by which we can confirm that this either did indeed take place or not, we can only speculate that either TJ intentionally slandered Sarwark to 71republic, or they really did get offered a bribe and chose to cover it up.

Then I noticed that Liberty Hangout didn’t find Democracy in Chains author Nancy MacLean’s absurd statements on Libertarians being “autistic” important enough to cover on a supposed Libertarian blog. MacLean publicly attacked James Buchanan, Libertarian leaders, and anyone who calls themselves a Libertarian, while making childish, discriminatory comments towards those who actually are on the Autistic spectrum. I kept checking back, expecting to see a belated retort to this blatant assault on the ideals of Libertarianism, only to find nothing mentioning it. Not a single word. I’m a firm believer that if you remain silent in the presence of wrongdoing, you are complicit via your endorsement of it.

When several of our readers brought this up to Liberty Hangout’s staff on Twitter, their only response was to correct the grammar of one of the tweets asking them why they weren’t discussing it. They also ignored several users’ tweets and Facebook messages confronting them on the allegations made by former writers Roman Garza, Chris Johncox, etc. Once again, their silence speaks volumes.

After we shared one of Radcapradio’s podcast episodes, Kait was so triggered she had her following leave negative reviews on our company Facebook page simply for giving the guys at Radcapradio a platform. Of course, we responded by making her into a meme, because we agree with Milo, sarcasm is the best response to triggered tantrums. Apparently, she and the rest of Liberty Hangout’s staff are of the impression that our labeling her a “Liberthot” is somehow sexual harassment. I guess they’ve officially made the transition from cucks to full-blown snowflakes.

Kait's unsafe space

As for Liberty Hangout’s twitter spat with Charlie Kirk and Turning Point USA, I guess I can understand Kaitlynn Bennet deciding she could accomplish (Read: earn) more by selling hats for Liberty Hangout, and, maybe, TPUSA could have handled things better. But attacking the entire organization with childish rants and tweets over a disagreement between one member’s ego and TP’s management hardly seems professional.

These twits, Frankie and Alana, are as bright as a black crayon, and they deserve to be digitally bitch-slapped for signing off on the event, but Bennet is the one who thought it seemed like a stellar fucking idea in the first place. And was the diaper-clad safe space “sit-in” funny? I suppose that depends (pun intended) on who it was intended to mock.

Certainly, TP should have had Bennet’s back, but, honestly, she needs to take responsibility for her own actions. There’s nothing professional or thought-provoking about organizing an event dressed in diapers. And where’s the coverage of TP’s side of the story? Are we to take the word of one disgruntled former employee as unbiased truth? You’d have to be about as sharp as a damn marble to call that objective reporting.

I grinned like a jackass when I read her calling out TP for not letting Kyle Chapman (Based Stickman) be a guest speaker at one of their events, as Liberty Hangout fires writers simply for interviewing or even mentioning Chris Cantwell. I particularly enjoyed the part where Kaitlin complained in her self-serving resignation about the free speech of those who disagreed with her “affecting her emotional health.” Seriously? You got flak for hosting a retarded event mocking safe spaces, and now you’re triggered because you need a safe space? Perhaps it’s a good thing she kept those diapers, as she may need one.

Whatever personal issues she has with Kirk and TP are just that, personal. In the spirit of voicing personal opinions, I think it’s pretty goddamned hypocritical for Liberty Hangout and Miss Bennet to act like they’re more proactive and engaged, when all they seem focused on is winning a popularity contest, and reminding their readers to “buy some merch, dude!” They might as well buy a used van and set up shop in Berkley’s parking lot.

As Liberty Hangout transitions from a Libertarian news mag to a Marxist t-shirt shop, I can’t help but laugh at the thought of SJWs lounging in their new “Capitalism is Theft” onesies, while slurping down their soy latte jizzpressos, and arguing over how to make Libertarianism more progressive.

Publishing this won’t make me any friends, and, quite frankly, I don’t give a shit. I have the silly notion that standing for something is more important than playing nice in hopes of getting more eyeballs in front of the AdSense banners, cucks be damned and all that jazz.

Kait's unsafe space


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