To Deflect by Design


Because of the damning revelations detailing the Uranium One deal and news of the fake Russian dossier finally coming to public fruition, the “unmasked” left is scrambling to maintain their mass media illusion of Trump colluding with and soliciting Russisn interference….that which Hillary has perpetrated for years with Robert Mueller’s and James Comey’s knowledge and/or involvement. Therefore, it is of little surprise Mr. Mueller has reportedly filed his first official charges being both politicians and pundits have called for his termination due to recent developments. As I was watching how everything was unfolding I prognosticated that Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager who was fired and replaced with Kellyanne Conway, would be indicted for providing conflicting testimony and legal infractions regarding his business dealings while lobbying for the Ukraine in 2014. Beyond that, any possible charges implicating the President, his family, or any of his cabinet would be a malicious abuse of power and an obvious political stunt to salvage a rapidly sinking ship. The fact that Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and James Comey have not been indicted for a slew of conflicts of interests, orchestrated leaks and repeated instances of collusion, is a crime in itself. What started out as a media induced hoax, a baseless investigation into alleged election fraud, quickly transformed into a partisan witch hunt for any crumb of wrongdoing capable of toppling a man Democrats want to unilaterally impeach for simply winning an election.

When yesterday’s defintion of treasonous collusion becomes today’s interpretational alibi, or “opposition research”, prison somehow becomes a convicts consent. Any response to these disturbing events other than an immediate investigation into Uranium One, the fake Russian Dossier paid for by the DNC/Clinton operatives and fraudulently delivered by John McCain to the FBI, and the first ever ordered wire tapping of a Presidential candidate and his campaign staff – an egregious action presented the fake dossier as justification and continued even after his successful election – is a clear and present danger to the very concept of law and order and the absolute necessity of Constitutional checks and balances. The progressive establishment is not interested in justice or even necessarily concerned whether convictions are obtainable. Their overriding goal is to monopolize the national headlines by maintaining the false public appearance of scandal. The mere suggestion and political stigma of criminality is often far more powerful than the finality of any decernable truth. If the people’s voices ever needed to rise above the corrupt status quo, our moral convictions and demand for universal accountability in all facets of our goverment, that time is now.


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