The Path to Prosperity


Consumer confidence rose to 125.9 in October, the highest since December of 2000. The DOW has set over 70 new benchmarks since the election even surpassing 23,000 and subsequently has added 5 trillion dollars to the economy. Some prices have hit record highs, registering a 6% annual gain. The unemployment rate has dropped 4.2%, down from 4.8% in January, Jobless claims are at their lowest level since 1973. One and half million fewer Americans are on public assistance. The US has now enjoyed two consecutive quarters of 3% GDP growth…even despite two devasting hurricanes, wildfires and the anti-business trust of California, New York and Illinois. By contrast, Barack Obama’s median annual GDP was 1.48% in 8 years. And all this without a new budget in effect to aggressively lower the national debt or sweeping tax cuts to trigger even greater investment and expansion. Just imagine what the President could accomplish if 95% of media coverage didn’t mislead the public, Democrats sought constructive discourse over scorched earth politics or 100% of his own party was dedicated to passing much needed legislative reforms. Donald Trump continues to trim the endless Red Tape of excessive bureaucracy and federal overreach, I’d say such impressive initial progress more than qualifies as a worthy opening act for “Making America Great Again”.

If you’re interested in genuine economic upward mobility for individuals and families and not runaway statism dividing the fruits of other people’s labor, then true vitality and independence reside in a robust and diverse private sector. When a fertile environment for commercial growth produces more profitable businesses and quality jobs for an ever industrius populace, people are far more likely to own their own home, buy their own health care, and properly provide for their own children. Unless you believe billions in tax payers’ hard-earned money should be used exclusively as a means to an end – inviting mass dependency by rewarding envy and apathy to the point of federal insolvency and bankruptcy – why would you empower the most inept, corrupt and wasteful institution in America; or in socialist terms, legalize theft and the equal division of misery in a country predicated upon limited government? Considering no nation has ever taxed itself into prosperity and the top 20% of earners now pay 95% of all income taxes, as recently confirmed by the Office of Management and Budget, I believe “fair share” should equate to the amount of personal responsibility people accept for their own lives; including the greatest usurpers and domestic abusers of all, the Washington establishment. Once you realize a majority of globalists would rather watch America burn then see Donald Trump succeed – our founding ideals, economic prowess and sovereign identity survive – the only acceptable path forward is a free republic’s unflinching resolve denying political arsonists a match.



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