Do I have a problem with the modern feminist movement? Hmm, that depends on if that’s a multiple choice question! Before feminism was hijacked by militant activists such as Code Pink, and, yes, even the heralded NOW, it was designed to empower, support, and defend the rights of women regardless of their personal lives and affiliations.

Now, no pun intended, it is a twisted political platform that discriminates against women who don’t adhere to a malformed stereotype of what progressives deem as worthy of their ’cause’. Today’s feminist cults pick and choose whom they defend, they maliciously incite discord and tarnish lives with imagined slights – i.e., Gloria Allred’s political theater of phallic defamation – and anything overtly masculine/paternal is labeled as misogynistic and a palpable threat to their esoteric vision of an “evolved” society.

In other words, these radical feminists are hopelessly insecure, biased, and extremely vindictive when they cannot discount or emasculate the traditional male role model into a submissive tool of political servitude. For some unresolved childhood issue, perhaps their socialist dream of secular serfdom put to show tunes, it makes them feel better about themselves and the boyscouts!

Unfortunately for country music, the “XY” chromosome, the strong jaw, blue collar, gun owning, meat eating, God-fearing, flag saluting silhouette of manhood is now classified as a predator to women everywhere; regardless whether “said man” is a good father, treats women with the utmost respect, and leads a moral life. The reality such misguided activism places effeminate, emasculated men on a pedestal of exceptionalism and enlightenment – because it’s least offensive to their frail sensibilities and innate to their “gender simplification” mantra – begs to the exact degree of their sexual neurosis.

I believe that Mr. Freud called it penis envy, or more profoundly, jealousy without snow tires. A true woman requires no such infantile generalizations, for she is fully content in whom she is, and confident in what she can achieve, and seeks only to be judged according to her actions; that is, equal opportunity does not necessarily dictate equal outcomes, or demand profane displays of juvenile rage whenever life’s inevitable struggles ensue.

Dying your armpit hair, refusing to bathe or reducing your self worth to objectifying your vagina doesn’t empower generations of impressionable young girls, it repels a civilized society. Our innate biological differences are not our weakness, a bitter platform of insecurity of which to discriminate or breed discontent. They are natural gifts, blessed with unique attributes and god-given strengths, designed to foster symbiotic relationships that compliment both genders for the benefit of all humanity.

So, do I have a problem with feminism? Hmm, I have a problem with the validity and intelligence of any movement that happily allows Sarah Palin to be called slut, the hopeful victim of a rape, because her detractors – most notably the liberal media – would rather disparage her as a Conservative woman. Her right to express herself in a land predicated upon liberty than simply refute the factual strength of her argument (Yes, slander is the tool of the defeated). I have a problem with anyone who demeans a woman who stays at home to personally raise her children and maintains her household, rather than seek out a professional career of advancement and accolades. As a true believer in equality, I always assumed that both were highly commendable, and solely a woman’s choice. Obviously, I’m wrong.

I reject any bankrupt ideology that judges the worthiness of a woman’s plight according to her sexuality, gender, wealth, race, religion or whether she believes in abortion or not, rather than recognizing her as a sentient being, blessed with certain unalienable rights. And last but never least, I detest any hypocrite or facist faction that finds it necessary to discriminate against or belittle men, individuals worthy of respect until proven otherwise, in order to justify the type of unapologetic sexism some women are tragically fighting.

True men, not the extreme cases of misbehavior used to objectify our entire gender and ignite political firestorms of opportunism, see themselves and the struggle for gender equality through the eyes of their sisters, wives, daughters, and mothers. It’s called empathy, objectivity, humanity. No political affiliation or gender bias is necessary or required!


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