On Monday, the US Embassy officially opened its doors in Jerusalem. In a massive ceremony, high-profile individuals, such as Ivanka Trump, Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, and various other US diplomats spoke in support of this momentous occasion.

President Donald J. Trump announced earlier this year his plans to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. During the festivities on Monday, 52 Palestinians were killed, along with several dozen injured in protests against the embassy’s relocation to the long-disputed city.


President Trump has faced immense opposition on every decision he has made thus far, but no Democrat nor Republican spoke out against the decision to move the embassy.

Over the past 50 years, Israel has expanded their territory, moving further into the boundaries of Palestinian land. These settlements of Jews are dispersed all across the areas that were once designated to the Palestinian people.

There are small pockets of opposition in the American left, but for the most part liberals and conservatives support the Jewish state of Israel and their decisions. Whether it is the cultural marxist Jews of the left, or the Neo-conservative Jews of the right, they definitely have an established presence in American politics.

Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice TV, an AltRight podcast and youtube channel, made a very valid point. If Americans from Minnesota that have genetic connections with Scandinavia began to lobby for military funding, general aid, and various other forms of support, would the American people be okay with it?


Jewish influence in American politics

There are members of Congress who hold dual citizenship between the United States and Israel, while no other nationality is afforded this splitting of allegiances. This means that our legislative branch is influenced by a foreign nation, specifically a nation that receives more financial aid than any other country in the world.

How can the majority of the country be okay with this?

There are many factions that play a major role in America’s support for the Jewish state. The vast majority of evangelicals radically support Israel because of a few biblical references.

2 Chronicles 6:5-6, wherein King Solomon quotes God as saying, “Since the day that I brought my people out of the land of Egypt, I chose no city in all the tribes of Israel in which to build a house, that my name might be there, and I chose no man as prince over my people Israel; but I have chosen Jerusalem that my name may be there and I have chosen David to be over my people Israel.”

Galatians 3:29, where Paul says, “If you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s offspring.”

Israel and the global Jewish community influence western geo-politics more than any other group of people in the world. Let’s not even start with ownership of America’s largest media networks-newspapers, and Hollywood.

John Hagee, the mega-church pastor and radical evangelical, stated that his ministry’s organization donated more than $2.1 million to Israeli charities. He also created and runs Christians United for Israel, a massive lobbying group of American-Israeli relations.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have organizations on the left like the ADL, ran by Jonathan Greenblatt, whom is Jewish and was in attendance at Monday’s events in Jerusalem.

The ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center are Jewish-ran organizations that were created to “combat” anti-semitism, but we all know what they are truly doing. They combat any individual or group who is right of center. For Christ’ sake, Ben Carson was placed on the SPLC’s “hate watch list” for stating that he believed in traditional marriage.

This whole situation is very complex, because there is jewish influence in every corner of American politics. If you dare speak out against any decision made on behalf of Israel or the Jews, you are labeled a racist anti-semite.

Why did President Trump feel it was necessary to upset an already disastrous situation by moving the embassy into Jerusalem? I would be willing to bet that there was some extreme lobbying going on behind closed doors. We will see if this helps the geo-political situation in the Middle East. But seeing that 52 people were killed the day that the doors opened to this new embassy, I don’t think its looking too remarkably hopeful.


Report: SPLC is America’s Premier Hate Group


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