Remember Vegas? The mass shooting carried out by yet another mentally ill, (in)tolerant socialist. You know, the shooting where absolutely nothing made sense. The one that was swept under the rug without answers, security footage, or eye-witness interviews. Yeah, that one. I’m not a law enforcement professional, I’m not a detective, nor am I a counter-terrorism expert. My time in the service, however, has taught me a few things about these types of events.

Attacks of this magnitude require extensive planning, and are rarely carried out alone. In a recently-leaked report shown to the House of Representatives, its revealed that investigators share this sentiment, and were pursuing leads on accomplices prior to the FBI ending such investigations. Paddock was a patsy, of sorts. Don’t get me wrong, he played a role. As a financier. The man had money in abundance. It’s quite plausible that he was radicalized by far-left influences, perhaps even Islamic terrorists. But to me, the thought of an out of shape, middle-aged man, planning and executing such an attack entirely by himself is absurd, and hardly accounts for the multitude of additional weapons he had brought with him and never made use of.

There are leaked memos floating around out there. It would seem, I’m not the only one thinking this way. So why the media blackout? Why has no one asked how a 64-year-old man managed to lug 23 firearms into a hotel room by himself? Furthermore, 23 weapons? Really? For a man acting alone? That’s not the arsenal of a mass shooter. That’s two squads, or several fire teams’ worth of equipment. That’s a small guerilla force, not the kit of a lone killer. If you buy that version of the story, you probably shouldn’t even be reading this.

second shooter Vegas shooting

Some Theories:

  • Paddock was meeting other actors for a coordinated attack. They killed him, and the event went live soon after.
  • Sometime around early October, Paddock had lost a significant amount of his fortunes. This was a possible arms deal gone bad. Love or hate the gun, they’re like gold on the black market, if in fact the buyers intentions are sinister.

I don’t dabble in conspiracy theories. As easy as it would be to ramble on about the Illuminati, A New World Order, or Black Budget Programs in hopes of clicks, I won’t go there. I will, however, point out some aspects that are quite strange, if not downright obvious.

Modified Weapons – Paddock was using gimmicky add-ons called “bump stocks,” now unlawfully banned. They use a weapon’s recoil to simulate automatic fire. His weapons were outfitted with Surefire (a brand name tactical light) and high capacity magazines, that are prone to malfunctions if loaded to full capacity – this is why infantrymen will typically only load 28 rounds in every 30 round mag. The AR series rifle itself is also prone to malfunction under sustained fire. Yet somehow a 64-year-old man, with minimal training, was able to wield them like a combat-seasoned Marine? Unlikely.

Jesus campos Vegas shooting

“It sounded like a machine gun” – to the untrained ear, anything can sound like an automatic weapon. To someone who has been around actual machine guns, maintained them, fired them, carried them, there is a significant difference. To me, it sounded like a belt-fed, automatic weapon. The real deal. A weapon being bump-fired is sporadic, with an irregular cadence. Even with a bump stock, it stutters, and lacks the steady rhythm of genuine automatic fire.

Photographic Evidence – Ground-level photos clearly show muzzle signature from a much higher elevation than Paddock. If indeed Paddock was firing, it’s unlikely he was acting alone. Other actors were in play, it’s just too obvious.

What about Jesus Campos? Remember the security guard injured moments before the attack went live? Why did he vanish temporarily before he was to give a statement to the media? Only then to appear weeks later with an almost scripted version of the story. Again, I’m not here to talk conspiracy. Not my field, not my interest. I deal in fact, or at the very least, logic, so I’m only presenting the evidence for the reader to draw their own conclusion.

Las Vegas shooting security guard

This was quite possibly an organized terrorist attack. But by who? Antifa? ISIS? If so, it’s quite possible that other elements are still walking free as I write this. If Paddock was indeed the radical that we are to believe, why no manifesto? Not even a final statement. Ah, yes, that’s it, Paddock was a lazy radical. He found the time and motivation to assemble an arsenal, move said arsenal to his position, then carry out the worst mass shooting in United States’ history, yet just could not find the time to write his final testament.

Second shooter Las vegas

Autopsy reports show Paddock as a healthy, sober 64-year-old man. There is no indication of diagnosed mental disorders or psychiatric medication prescriptions, as is the case in nearly every single other mass shooter’s background. So, again, why? Nothing about this event adds up at all. Yet the public has once again bought a lazy, half-baked explanation. A wealthy 64-year-old man wakes up hating conservatives one day, and opens fire on a city that he adores. Oh, OK. Move along folks, nothing to see here.

I remember watching interviews with Paddock’s brother. To me, it seemed scripted, as if he was being coached via an earpiece. Again, not conspiracy. But as if the FBI was telling him “Look, guy, we screwed up (again), help us out here…or else.”

I don’t trust the FBI. I feel they’ve hit rock bottom, lost all credibility and respect. At this point, it seems they’re looking for excuses to exist and nothing more. They’re certainly not doing their jobs. One has to wonder how many Americans need to lay dead in pools of their own blood before the Feds get their shit together. I won’t hold my breath. Sadly, myself and my Editor-in-Chief now seem to be doing their jobs for them. Sad is an understatement.

At this point, it’s almost treason.


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