Ever since the Syrian missile strike, President Trump has come under fire like never before. But not from the usual suspects like CNN, MSNBC, or other left-wing media organizations, not even Democrat politicians or the leftist activists.
No, the majority of people criticizing him are rightwing. Ranging from the Alt-Right to Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson. Even the conservatives and libertarians who believe the America First ideology that the President pushed to the forefront of his campaign.

However, the MAGA hardliners appear to still have the president’s back, although, there is a ton of in-fighting going on within the rightwing movement. The MAGA guys argue that the president deserves our loyalty because, so far in their opinion, he has not led us astray. Which has some basis in truth; the president has done, in my opinion, a great job under a lot of scrutiny so far, from appointing a Supreme Court justice, to tax cuts, to getting North Korea to the peace table.

On the other hand, those rallying behind the America First banner don’t agree. They feel he’s put the interests of Israel and the EU before our own, why else would he bomb Syria, knowing that they are Russian allies and he will potentially start World War 3? Furthermore, the gas attacks were likely fake, like the last two, and we shouldn’t be providing air support for Daesh. We follow the America First ideology, not a person.

America First Syria missile strike

The real question we have to ask is if everything that we assume about the Syria situation is true. Are we jumping to conclusions? What happens if, by the end of the week, we’re pulling our troops out of Syria, there’s no World War 3 and the president goes back to putting America First? (Bolded by the editor to point out irony to the reader and author)

I personally believe in America First, and I believe that the President we chose has done his best to keep to his word. One thing I fear for the right is that we will jump to conclusions and abandon him because we have become ideologues. Now, I’m not saying we need the president, because no matter what, the ideology should be at the forefront, but I do know that a united right wing is unstoppable, and a right wing full of infighting is fragmented and weak.

Additionally, I believe that if we do abandon him, our conduit in the White House, our spearhead, will not have the willpower or veracity to push our agenda as he once did. I hope with all of my heart that the president is who we thought he was, and that the God Emperor rises from the ashes once again and helps us defeat the globalists, and that he doesn’t turn into a globalist himself. If he does turn his back on us, it does not matter; we will simply start over, because the fight is too important. My children will not grow up in a Marxist, postmodernist hellhole where they are not free to think or say what they want. We will defeat the leftist-peddling equity, hate speech laws and globalism. We have to; the future of the United States of America depends on it. Hopefully the “God Emperor” will be there to lead the charge.

I will leave both sides with some words of wisdom acquired from my parents; you can take it or leave it. To the MAGA guys: Don’t walk around while wearing a blindfold, you might walk straight into traffic. And to the America First guys: Don’t be so quick to throw the baby out with the bath water.


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