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We are growing and there is nothing you can do about it.


Living in an era full of nihilism and desolation, one must maintain a level of optimism. I have always been able to see the glass as half full. Even when discovering an obsession with politics, I have always viewed our situation as fixable.

We are witnessing one of the most polarizing eras of our time. There is a great awakening taking place all across the country and the globe, but we are being met with a monstrous force of opposition.

Cultural Marxism

European people are finally starting to understand what exactly is going on. We have been told for decades that being a super majority, in our own countries, gives us some sort of privilege. I didn’t fully understand this until I read Death of the West, by Patrick Buchanan. Growing up, I always viewed whites in America as a majority, which we are, but I also had the impression that we were a majority across the globe.

Whites only make up about 10% of the global population, and we are quickly becoming minorities in every country that we inhabit. Do you understand what this means? You have been fooled. This sense of guilt has been injected into the European spirit for what? Because we conquered the world and built the greatest empires that the world has ever seen?

It only takes a quick Google search to see that Africans and Asians are a global super majority. The United States is on it’s way to being a latino majority. The radical left says that this a great thing and that we should all celebrate this diversity.


Let me get this straight. We, as in whites, should celebrate the extinction of our people, the removal of our history and monuments, the decimation of our culture, and the replacement of our children?

This is the greatest hoax that the world has ever witnessed. In today’s atmosphere, being honest is being racist. Looking at world history, whites have been responsible for the most magnificent creations and milestones. We always hear about the contributions of non-whites, but what about whites?

Listening to CNN and the radical left, you would think that white people are the most evil race of people to walk planet earth. Have whites made some poor decisions throughout history? Sure we have. Have other groups of non-whites made some terrible decisions throughout history? Sure they have.

I haven’t been able to figure out why this great deception is taking place, or what the ultimate goal is, but I have come to the conclusion that there is a great attempt to wipe our people out of existence.

Recently, The Guardian celebrated this tragic event by writing an article entitled “An End to a White World.” This article pin-points the demographic change that is taking place all across the world in white countries. It is a mixture of open-border immigration policies, and fertility rates. If trajectories stay the same, there WILL be a world without whites by the year 3000.

It's Ok To Be White

I hate to imagine a world without whites, because we are responsible for the modern world. We brought humanity great architecture, music, art, and philosophy. We also created democracy, which, ironically, is most responsible for our replacement. There is absolutely nothing wrong with pointing out the achievements made by whites throughout history, and teaching otherwise is a calamity.

Every race of people have the right to exist. There is nothing wrong with global diversity, but not racial and cultural appropriation. I think we are finally waking up, and it seems to be happening faster than I have seen before in my lifetime. I refuse to sit back and watch our people and history be decimated.

We have a right to exist. We have a right to maintain our culture and identity in the countries that we built from the ground up. In the coming days, I am going to be discussing, in great detail, where these attack originated from. There is a source to this problem. This is a racial genocide. It is the genocide of our culture, identity, and people.

Just so you know. It’s Ok To Be White!


  1. Don’t feed the trolls, great article. I agree we need to step up and fight #whitegenocide. Our gift to the world, democracy, has become a curse, only because we as a people have lost our way.

  2. We get it, you’re scared to death of white genocide. But you’ve written 10 articles now about the same narrative. Maybe mix it up every once in awhile? ?



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