Dear Democrats….


Lets cut the crap. You hate America. Thats why you voted for Obama in ’08. You wanted change, and change America he did. Its called socialism. You continued your hatred for America and voted for Obama a second time. Feel good about yourselves?

Now we have government mandated special treatment for men who throw on dresses and go into ladies showers. For an extra dose of intolerance, we don’t mention christianity in schools anymore.

We imported millions of sharia Muslims into our backyards. We gave our worst enemy Iran 150 billion to build nuclear ICBM’s. We have government mandated Obamacare.

Then you voted for Hillary and Americans said NO! Despite the cacophonous chants, there are some of us who still love this country, who still take pride in what America stands for. Clearly, you aren’t counted in that group. You’re the unconscionable group who whines at every opportunity, while continually bashing this country! You cry and whimper about being offended by the truth. You’re wusses!

It’s you leftists, who have a seething enmity for all thinfs American. You hate whites! THAT’S RIGHT, NOT CAUCASIANS! You despise Christians, you detest our founding fathers and disdain Republicans! You want to erase our sovereignty, our national pride, and our Constitution.

I looked at all the major leftist homepages on the 4th of July. There wasn’t a flag or patriotic article to be seen. DISGRACEFUL! Instead, those digital rags were consumed with accusations of racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc.

All meaningless phrases used as tools to destroy the character of anyone with whom you disagree. In this case, most of America.

Steep accusation, right? WRONG! You’re fooling no one. You make your stance glaringly obvious with the things you say, with the policies you support, and the actions you take. You don’t have peaceful protests like the Tea Party, you have riots spewing your hatred and venom with violence!

I attended a local parade for the 4th of July. The racist BLM, potheads, drug addicts, illegal aliens and gutter scum were pushing leftist ideology. Out trotted the municipal Democrat chapter. Rainbow flags? Check. American flags? No.

The Republican float followed. Just big old American flags. It was clear that one was the Party of patriotism and the other was the Party of pity. One float inspired pride and the other made me nauseated.

Speaking of flags, its you Democrats who burn American flags as a way to cope with your discombobulated, apoplectic, politically correct aphasia. And don’t DARE call yourselves Christians! Don’t even call yourselves Americans! You’re selfish, ignorant, unpatriotic, whining, entitlement minded, Socialist dregs!

I want my coubtry back, and we Conservatives are strong, patriotic, principled, dedicated and resolute. We will keep fighting until we’ve reclaimed our great nation under God.


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