Conservatives: The Hercules to the Liberal Hydra


The left has been extensively successful in obtaining, and maintaining, control over certain demographics that comprise the majority of their voter foundation, namely:

  • Women, in the form of feminists
  • Racial minorities, in the form of Black Lives Matter
  • Homosexuals, lesbians, etc., in the form of the LGBT movement
  • Illegal aliens, in the form of “DREAMERS”

Not only do these groups vehemently support leftist political propaganda, but they also rabidly condemn any deviation from liberal thought, and often resort to physical violence in response to ideological opposition, through domestic terrorist organizations like Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

But how is it that the left has become so effective in controlling these groups? They simply have convinced them that they are victims. Through liberal indoctrination, they have convinced women that they are the inherent victims of men, blacks that they are victimized by whites, gays that they are oppressed by heterosexuals, and illegal aliens that they are despised by American citizens.

By utilizing conservatives as a scapegoat, liberalism provides frustrated demographics with a direction in which to aim their rhetorical anger; should any misfortune befall any of these groups for whatever reason, conservatives and conservative policies are blamed as being inherently responsible.

The left has created such an effective tactic of manipulation that members of Black Lives Matter literally don chains to imitate slavery in order to perpetuate the perception that they are victimized. Women literally dress as female genitalia while protesting against sexual objectification. Illegal aliens have the audacity to assume that they possess the inherent right to determine legality in this country.

But all of these various factions share one commonality — they’re all methods of control that actually subvert these groups under the control of leftism. Liberalism doesn’t actually suggest constructive methods of improving situations for women, racial minorities or homosexuals, it directly harms them by forcing a status of inferiority and victimization onto them.

Third Wave Feminism, Social Justice, Black Lives Matter, the LGBT, the entertainment industry, and all of the other organizations that serve as a catalyst for cultivating leftist activity are merely the multiple heads of the Hydra, and cutting them off will only cause them to regenerate. One must cauterize the wound before they resurface — and how do we go about that?

We destroy the Left’s victim mentality that has allowed them to maintain control over all of these demographics, and keeps them bound within their ideological imprisonment. We emphasize education. Education, in this context, indicates personal inquiry and objective observations of the facts — it is not campus indoctrination.

How do we defeat third wave feminism?
We teach women that they are not inherent victims; we empower them through instructional self defense and the operation of firearms to decrease the probability of sexual assault or intimidation.

How do we defeat social justice?
We uphold freedom of speech and constitutionality. We acknowledge that ideas can only be refuted if they are first allowed the liberty to be expressed.

How do we defeat Black Lives Matter?
We acknowledge that racial minorities are not victims of anyone — their difficulties are self inflicted and are solved through the analysis of inner-community problems. Racial minorities experience a larger probability of encountering law enforcement due to a disproportionately high frequency of crime, correlated to high drug usage, single parent homes and poverty.

How do we defeat the LGBT?
We teach Gays that they are not inherently oppressed by heterosexuals, and possess the same Constitutional rights as anyone else; in fact, they possess an unprecedented level of liberty in this country in comparison to other countries that still execute homosexuals for simply existing.

We defeat victimization by acknowledging that the chains by which liberals are bound, are self inflicted; it is a voluntary choice to subvert one’s own confidence and adopt a position as a professional victim.
Conservatives are not frozen in place by the gaze of liberalism’s Medusa; they are not constricted to the Procrustean bed of political correctness or chained to Prometheus’ rock of victimization by some dreaded systematic oppression.

It is time to slay the dragon of cultural Marxism, and the hydra of liberalism.


  1. I think education and media are the keys to killing the liberal hydra. we need to attack liberalism where its born: college campuses and newsrooms. now my question maybe dumb but im old so give me a break lol. how do you add a profile picture on here? as exciting as the square avatar is and all…

  2. Im not sure id call myself a nationalist but i do believe in putting America first and I’m all for putting an end to cultural marxism. I just think the alt right is more detrimental than beneficial to our cause. go on gab and youll see what i mean…a bunchof nazis with a sprinkling of true trump supporters. Part of the problem is the media. Dems have the majority of broadcast networks and there are few good sources of conservative news. Sites like Trump Times and Gateway pundity are constantly posting fake news for clicks and fox pushes its own murdoch/koch/mercer agenda. we need an objective, honest news outlet that does investigative journalism and doesnt tie itself to party lines.

  3. We, as conservatives, nationalists and Identitarian as, definitely need to go on the offensive. But I think that means just as much that we need to change who we support on the right as it does taking the fight to the left. Republicans, by and large, are not our allies. They have sold us lies.

    It’s time to support policies, not parties. It’s also time to differentiate true Nationalism and Identitarianism from the vile trolls, who post racist ignorance to discredit our cause.

    The baby boomers and Reaganites will not win this war. It’s the millenials who will either defeat or succumb to cultural Marxism. The choice is ours.

    • I agree on the majority of your points.
      The endeavor to preserve our heritage, history and honor doesn’t necessitate the degradation of other races, assuredly. We’ve become too enthralled within partisan politics and lost sight of the philosophy and goal that we possess as Nationalists.

  4. Hey, idiot. The LGBT movement is what allows you to have a voice in conservative politics. You’re too young to know your history, but you certainly have no problem cherry-picking the extremes to fit your narrative. You seem awful nice. But you’re also just as ignorant. Get off the airwaves for a minute and travel to places you’ve never been, and talk to people you’ve never spoken to. It seems pretty obvious that you’ve only surrounded yourself with white, conservative folk. You very well may end up on the same side of the fence, but at least you’ll be talking from experience and not out of your cornholio.

    • She has a voice because she’s a Conservative. Maybe on the left side of the aisle you get a special voice by taking it up the ass or cutting off your dick, but that’s not how it works on the right. A Conservative is a Conservative. We come in all genders, creeds, races, and orientations.

      What’s wrong with surrounding one’s self with white conservatives? You say that like it’s something bad. Would you say that to someone who surround themselves with Hispanic liberals? No? Didn’t think so.

      Learn your history. The biggest historical proponent for gay voices on the right was Ronald Reagan. A white conservative.

      “muh ebil whyte conservatives” is getting old. No one buys that anymore.

      • Agreed but idk if I’d be idolizing lyin’ Abe. Between the illegal detention of 13,000 Northern political dissidents, the arrest of the Maryland state legislature, the unlawful arrest and deportation of Ohio Congressman Clement Vallandigham, the oppressive tariffs of the South, his intentional inciting of the Fort Sumter Massacre, the illegal invasion of the South, the mass hanging of 300 Native Americans, the hypocrisy of his emancipation proclamation and the tyrannical 7-year-long occupation of the south, he was, arguably, the worst President in our history.

        • Agree. Not a fan of Abe. Unfortunately most people only read the history books written by the victor so they probably picked it out of ignorance, especially in the 70’s when there was no internet to get the other side of the story.

    • I hate to break it to you, but my rights are guaranteed under the constitution, not by obnoxious homosexuals parading in the streets performing public sex acts half naked and grinding on each other.
      This is equivalent to saying that my ability to vote is contingent upon a group of screeching female college students marching in costumes resembling female genitalia while crying about sexual objectification and the patriarchy.

  5. Very nice, and perfect metaphor for the liberal movement (as Andrew Breitbart asked, whatever happened to the Anti-War movement? didn’t they themselves become the Occupy movement, now BLM and Antifa?)

  6. A few things come to my mind after reading this fantastic mess: redneck, uneducated, closeted lesbian, Southener, non-traveled, and sesquipedalian, among many other things. How many of those did I get right?

    • Bigoted much? Sounds like someone’s ego is so fragile they feel the need to validate it by trolling others, instead of putting their energy into writing, speaking, lobbying…you know, anything that will actually accomplish something.

  7. Excellent job Avialae! I like that your article isn’t on the defensive (which is a major problem of conservative media), but rather you are on the offensive. We need more conservative Gen. Z and young millennial voices in the media, so keep writing and don’t give up.

    • Thank you for the support! I agree, Conservatives have adopted a consistently defensive demeanor in response to their opponents- but, I have often said that what we represent, and what we are, is greater than what we are not. It’s necessary for us to discuss real, tangible solutions.

  8. Fantastic, this is an excellent article. You perfectly captured the proverbial Hydra that is the democratic voter base. Now we just need to start cutting off the heads



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