Schiff Counter Memo Released: *yawn*

You kidding me?

Rep. Adam Schiff counter memo
Credit: Cliff Owen/AP

Somebody ought to tell Adam Schiff and his Democrat partners-in-crime that opinions are not fact. Seriously, do the Democrats really want to no longer be involved in politics? It would seem so, based upon all their acts over the last decade.

The ‘Schiff Memo’ is everything they accused the Nunez memo of being…total fabrication. This is the best they can muster? What a waste of time but nonetheless I will post the memo here, so you can read it for yourself. Oh, make sure you have a pot of coffee on hand…you’ll need it.

Click here to read (and laugh): The Schiff Counter Memo

The Hussein Obama administration was the most corrupt regime that occupied the White House in the history of this nation. He did not ‘lawyer up’ for nothing. His network of criminals could only be rivaled by the Clinton Crime Syndicate, and between both, their treasonous activities in the name of globalism are unprecedented!

the big ugly

The weaponization of the Department of Justice (DOJ); the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI); the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA); State Department (DoS); Internal Revenue Service (IRS); well, every department and agency in the federal government became political weapons to eradicate the rule of law and destroy our Constitutional Republic.

The United States of America was organized as a republic, not a democracy, but that is a discussion for another time. The Obama-Clinton criminal enterprises put America at the precipice of destruction, and the ‘fundamental transformation’ into a totalitarian global state. That act would relinquish American sovereignty to unelected globalists of the United Nations, the European Union and the International Central Banking cartel.

That is why the coup d’état to bring down President Donald J. Trump, to prevent him from investigating the true criminals and satanic pedophiles exerting their rule over America. They were so absolute in the election of Hillary Clinton, they made little effort to hide their criminal activities, knowing that Clinton would finish the final transforming elements to usher in the era of American Globalism.

Under Clinton, we would be entangled in WW3 with Russia; have both an economic and currency collapse; replaced our petrodollar with a new world currency, and have all our individual rights protected under the US Constitution stripped away. The globalists are proceeding with their globalist agenda even though we have a staunch American Sovereignty President at the helm.

See why the obsession to undermine candidate Trump; attempts to derail President-Elect Trump from assuming office; and their deranged efforts to depose President Donald J Trump by any means necessary? If it were not for the loyalty of the United States Military spearheading the counter coup efforts, the conspirators would have surely succeeded in their overthrow.

The desperate conspirators involve the entirety of the Democrats, in and out-of-office, and several key Republican globalist tyrants in and out-of-office. Their treachery is being defeated! As the conspirators draw closer to their ultimate demise, their desperate actions to not relinquish power exponentially increase their treachery. This political coup will likely transform into a violent coup in the coming days and months.

The fabricated Mueller ‘investigation’ is their political lynchpin, along with all their ‘false flag’ attacks by the embedded traitors in the IC against our children and citizens. The co-conspiratorial propaganda media is vital to create the smokescreen to obscure and deceive the American public, in hopes of taking down President Trump prior to the necessity of a full-blown, violent coup d’état.

In spite of the stranglehold on America by the satanic pedophiles and deep-seated corruption, most rational Americans knew for a very long time, who thought times like this would ever come to America? Few refuse to acknowledge the first ever coup d’état in America, but multiple thousands are awakening daily to the unconscionable reality that a coup d’état is indeed underway in America. God save America, as we fight to restore our Constitutional Republic!


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