The Coming Civil War in South Africa


The world just seems to be full of gloom lately. There honestly just are not many up-beat topics to write about. With that being said, the current plight of white farmers in South Africa needs to be talked about, openly. In case you’re not familiar with the situation white Afrikaners now face, let’s shed some light.

As of two days ago, current data suggets there have been 90 violent attacks in 2018 so far. Such attacks are home invasion style raids, where occupants are usually killed in brutal fashion. Women, children, they spare no one. I’ve seen photos of the aftermath. If I were a younger man, without children, I would volunteer my services as a PMC, and hunt these animals for mere sport. Simply put, this has to end. I can imagine if any other race were being targeted, the United Nations would have peacekeepers on every block. We’re speaking about the “wrong” skin color here, so there’s no chance of international aid at this point.

I was first made aware of the situation back in 2011. I stumbled across a documentary titled “Mugabe and the White African” (2009). Yes, a film from 2009. So this situation is not new. It had already been happening for a few years at the time of the film’s release. In the film, a heartbreaking, nightmarish reality is exposed. Imagine being a farmer with a family to care for. The land you reside on has belonged to your family for years, legally purchased and paid for. Yet, there is a constant risk to you, and your loved ones’ safety. The film featured many examples of people who had willingly fled, or been thrown off of their own land.

These farms are then given to native, black Africans. The natives then go on to smash out the windows, remove doors, and deficate on the floor. Not one of these farms have produced food since. Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has said that people who murdered white farmers during a government-sanctioned purge in the 2000s will never be prosecuted. Going on to refer to himself as “Hitler seven-fold.” Here’s to hoping that you share in the same fate as your hero.

And, yet, there is a glimmer of hope. Enter the Suidlanders. The white farmers preparing for civil war, and possibly, their own revolution. And they’re not playing games. I won’t go into the full list of their gear and equipment, but they are a well-equipped army. Absolutely prepared for war. And make no mistake, war is coming. There is now a plan on the table to sieze land without compensation. I don’t see this ending well for the government of South Africa.

I’ve seen the aftermath of farm seizures. I wouldn’t call people running wild like feral animals, and shitting on the floor, “progress.” Maybe in someone’s mentally-ill, SJW mind, they do. I however, don’t.

I see the situation for what it is. Genocide of the white African. If there is one thing Africa has proven time and time again, they can not govern, nor feed themselves. Although, I spent a year on that miserable continent, and made some good friends, I hate the place. I spent my time in Egypt, one of the more modernized countries. Yet, I have to call it what it is, a sewer. An absolute shithole. The only real progress I saw in Egypt (Mumbarek era) was in foreign-owned businesses. Egyptians were too busy getting high, and shitting in the streets, and trying to sell drugs to “The English,” as they called us.

The African mindset has never been one of progress. It’s a constant cycle of war, poverty, and genocide. When they’re not killing whites, they’re killing one another, often in the name of Islam. And why bother using newly-seized farms to produce food, when you can beg the UN for handouts? Call me racist, call me what you will, but the white victims of South Africa are not at war with logical people. They face herds of bloodthirsty, marauding animals that need to be put down….yesterday.

Farmers are Fighting Back

In a movement titled “Black Monday,” farmers have taken to the streets in protest. Not only are they protesting, they’re preparing for all out war. I can only imagine the panic of local officials if, and when this whole thing does kick off. Well-armed, dedicated white men defending their homes and families. Up against governmet troops, who are strung out on drugs, and still shit on the ground. I see tragedy on both sides. But at this point, the real tragedy is the absolute silence by the international SJW press, and absolute unwillingness to talk about it.

There will be war. Out of war come revolutions, and this is not a war the black African will win. Not even close. He’s proven time and time again to be incompetent in logic, reasoning, and mere survival. Look to South African RSA leadership as an example. One has to wonder though, if and when civil war breaks out, how many sympathetic people will join the white farmers? And what happens next? From what I’ve seen, the farmers are far better organized and equipped than the military.

The real question is, when the whites have their revolution, who will they line up against the wall to be shot? Because, from where I’m sitting, that list is very, very long. And some of their officials are long overdue.

My dire warning to men who consider themselves “Hitler seven-fold,” Hitler shot himself in a bunker, as angry young men smashed down his door with the butts of their rifles. I’ll leave you with that thought, because that day is coming, sooner than later.


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