Blunt-Force Truth: Trump is no Reagan

The Omnibus Bill is a disgrace


Signing a 2,232 page bill that nobody has read is an unconscionable abuse of office, and an inexcusable waste of taxpayer-funded printer cartridges. I have never been more disappointed in not only the Republican Congress, but the President.

As I’ve watched this shameful mockery of our democratic process unfold, it’s come to my attention that once again Senator Rand Paul is one of the only Republicans doing the job he was voted into office for. I urge you, wise and discerning readers, to remember that during this year’s elections, as well as in 2020. Should the name James Mattis miraculously appear on a ballot, I hope the choice will be obvious.

As a journalist, it’s not my job to cater to the folks on 8chan claiming this is “4D chess.” It’s my job to keep you informed. And, since this is the Opinion section, I’m obliged to write with unabashed candor, and even more unfiltered honesty than I normally am apt to do.

If my calling a spade a spade offends you, quite frankly, I don’t give a damn. I’d rather lose a few thin-skinned readers and retain my principles than become another wall in the echo chambers of modern media.

If you’re still reading, and haven’t already retreated to a safe space, then let me ask you something: Would you rather get your propaganda from Rupert Murdoch or Jeff Bezos?

Let’s be honest, if news is cheap, opinion is cheaper. And yet, the growing divide between red and blue has encouraged many fine publications to become even more opinionated and more extreme, in the hopes their readers will be more likely to subscribe to a site that vehemently agrees with them. “We’re not just any pundits?—?we’re the pundits who aggressively validate your existing beliefs.”

Real journalists get away from the headlines that induce clicks on viagra ads and focus on reporting the facts, even if those facts will piss off some of their readers. Today, I’m reminded of a truly great president, the late Ronald Reagan, who slammed the first budget proposal sent to him on the podium with a resounding thud, and made a promise to the Democrat-controlled Congress: never again.

Those with fragile egos and faint hearts will say I’m biased. The ones who know better are the reason I don’t have to take a job at an echo chamber.


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