America First is Not a Singular Term


When leaders, political pundits, and media spin terminology into divisive propaganda it is the foundation of Fake News. Fake News, as we have seen is nothing more than obstruction of the truth against our current administration. So when the media spins the ‘America First’ platform as racist and divisive you know it’s a partisan political fear-mongering tactic.

Last time I looked Americans come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and creeds. When we look at what the America First agenda really stands for, citizens should be behind it, one would think. The liberals would have you believe the American First agenda is isolationist at its core, yet we saw investors the day of the election in 2017 drop rapidly when the front-runner, Hillary Clinton, looked positioned to win the election. The next day, after late hours of votes across the country and territories came in, as the historic election was coming to a close with Trump winning, the stock market hit an all-time record high.

So is ‘America First’ an isolationist platform, or one that puts citizens first working with our friends around the globe? American First is no different than a family, family first and friends are always welcome to sup at our table. After first, comes second and in tandem, we can help each other as our President is doing around the world. When you read Art of the Deal, you understand this position, it’s all about negotiations for each in a win-win position for all!

America first Donald trump

Today, at the DAVOS Economic Summit we have witnessed this very approach at work. Major companies from around the world sat down at the table to either relocate, open offices or expanding their business operations in America: these top companies, i.e. Volvo, Bayer, Seamans, to name a few, bring billions and billions of dollars to America and their own countries.

America First is being a cheerleader for your country in partnership with your friends, as President Trump said at the summit, “If you aren’t a cheerleader for your country it never works.” The number one issue in almost every election is jobs and the economy. The America First agenda is hitting on all cylinders, tax reform, jobs, economy, and trade deals.

“It’s the economy, stupid.”

—President Clinton


  1. The economy is booming, employment is up, the Dow and S&P are breaking records. We’re winning so much, Europe is beginning to doubt their own leftist path.



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