Yahoo “Journalist” Says Trump’s SOTU Speech Was Too Long

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Yahoo’s Dylan Stableford penned an interesting attempt at discrediting President Trump’s State of the Union address. His basis? That Trump spoke longer than Obama. Seriously.

His entire case is founded upon the fact that Trump used fewer words (5,190 to Obama’s 7,059), while speaking for 80 minutes, whereas Obama’s 2010 State of the Union speech lasted only 66 minutes. Stableford even went so far as to create a word cloud, composed of words used by both President Trump and former president Obama in their respective speeches. This is what Yahoo’s journalism has been reduced to.

wordcloud president trump sotu address
Wordcloud created by Yahoo, using Wordle (Yahoo)

Perhaps Stableford should have included another difference between the two speeches: Obama’s focus was on himself, while Trump’s was on the Nation. In fact, Obama’s 2010 State of the Union speech featured the president referencing himself with an “I” or “me” nearly 100 times. That was roughly four times more than Trump managed — 98 personal references to a mere 26. President Trump, instead, focused on the “we” and “us” pronouns, and how we would work together to make America great.



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