On March 21, Florida state police stopped a young woman along the highway in Fort Pierce, citing erratic driving behavior and swerving as their cause for the stop.

As officers approached the vehicle, 26 year old Kennecia Posey lowered her window, and the distinct scent of some sticky weed tickled the officers’ nostrils. Police performed a search of the vehicle, and discovered two illegal items sequestered in her purse, a bag of weed and a bag of cocaine, as reported by WPLG.

During questioning, Posey admitted to owning the pot, but repeatedly denied any knowledge of the 8 ball found in her purse.

woman claims wind blew cocaine into her purse

“I don’t know anything about any cocaine,” Posey told the officers, according to the incident report. “It’s a windy day. It must have flown through the window and into my purse.”

The officers didn’t fall for Posey’s fable, and she was arrested for felony cocaine possession and a misdemeanor marijuana charge.

First off, why would you cop to owning the weed, and blame the coke on wind? Did you make some hasty wind calls in your head, and perform mental calculations on the differences in weight and density of the two? “It’s just powder, powder is pretty light. Could work.” Good call.

After performing a reenactment with our very own test substance, we must admit, that logic is pretty sound. If the powder isn’t inside a bag.

woman says wind blew cocaine in her purse
None of the “test substance” was wasted during the course of our experiment

For the sake of argument, let’s discuss the physics of this claim for a second. You’re in a car, we’ll say a used Honda Accord for statistics purposes, speeding down the highway in Fort Pierce, Florida, while higher than a goddamn astronaut on the reefer poorly concealed in your Rasta-themed purse, presumably with your windows down, listening to Nicki Minaj at an oppressive volume, when suddenly, a gust of wind rises into a hurricane-force gale, blowing an ill-fated flurry of snow into your car.

Woman blames cocaine on wind

The only problem is the weather report for the day in question shows no record of any cocaine-force winds.


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