Will the Russia Collusion Blame Game Ever End?

Biden blames McConnel, everyone else for Obama admin's failure to act

Joe Biden blames Mitch McConnell Russia collusion
Former Vice President Joe Biden speaks about U.S. relations with the Kremlin at the Council on Foreign Relations on Tuesday (Alex Brandon/AP)

The media has been on a tirade for over a year about supposed Russian collusion. If it is not President Trump himself they accuse, it is people in his administration, his family, friends or visiting Martians who aren’t on their side.

Has anyone ever asked the question of where former President Barack Obama fits into this tidy game of blame? Certainly the “fair and balanced” far-left media won’t touch it. God forbid their hero ever be accused of actually being a colluder.

Hillary Clinton Russia collusion

But the President made a good point on Monday, when he complained about his predecessor’s inaction on Russia’s 2016 election meddling. He asked why it is then-President Barack Obama did not “do something” when he had the chance?

Why indeed. Trump’s flurry of tweets came in the wake of the indictments last Friday by special counsel Robert Mueller against 13 Russians. They supposedly interfered with the election, aided Trump, who, because they were so almighty powerful, won the election against poor and abused Hillary, the left’s Joan of Arc.

Seriously, is anyone out there getting sick of being duped by the one-sided media? It was just last month former Vice President and Obama lap dog, Joe Biden, said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., stopped the Obama administration from speaking out about Russian interference in the 2016 campaign.

Really, Joe? He says McConnell refused to sign on to a bipartisan statement of condemnation, CBS News reported at the time. Then, it must be true since CBS said it, right, Joe? They’re a credible outfit.

Joe the back-slapper said:

Mitch McConnell wanted no part of having a bipartisan commitment that we would say, essentially, Russia is doing this, stop. Bipartisan, so it couldn’t be used as a weapon against the Democratic nominee of a President trying to use the intelligence community.

Ladies and gentlemen, Joe Biden wouldn’t know what bipartisan meant if it bit him on his big mouth. Touchy, feely Joe with any woman in sight said it was a “constant tight rope” of determining what to do with that information in the weeks leading up to the election.

Oh, I am sure you were for full disclosure, bipartisan Joe. Yet, the media just reels this stuff out with no intention of presenting the other side whatsoever.

Oh, Joe, in closing on this Walt Disney utter fabrication, said the Obama administration had no idea what the evil Russians were up to until after Nov. 8, 2016.  As lying Joe put it:

So the bottom line was, it was tricky as hell. It’s easy now to say, ‘well, maybe we should have said more.’

Is anyone sick of this sort of so-called reporting? I, for one, am tired of being treated like some mass of sheep being led to the slaughter by the likes of Rachael Maddow and Wolf Blitzer.



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