What The Left Fails To Realize About Reverse Racism


One of the key primary goals that we see the Left trying to reach is creating a racially egalitarian society; a society in which people regardless of their racial/ethnic background are equal  in their rights, treated fairly, and hey, not judged by their color.

Now, that sounds like an overall good idea. Millions support an idea/effort like that. However, what the Left fails to realize is that this radical goal they have in mind won’t come to fruition ever, or won’t come to fruition anytime soon and here’s why:


Anti White shirt being openly displayed at a communist, leftist bookstore ((Revolution Books)) in Berkeley, CA.


The Left is one of the biggest promoters of reverse racism; they have come out in full force against the harmless “It’s Okay To Be White” meme. They consistently put down those who display pride in being European descent and being proud of the accomplishments their ancestors created. They praise ethnic minority Americans for embracing a decent degree of identitarianism, but they’d be the first to chimp out if someone white does it. And lastly, let’s not even get started on how pro Marxist, Leftist groups like BLM demands reparations from White Americans for the historical wrongs committed against them. There’s no denying that slavery was morally wrong, but there’s also no denying that less than 5% of white southerners at the time owned slaves because of how the south lagged behind economically, slaves were expensive, and because of how you essentially had to be a wealthy White Southener or a wealthy Jew to own and take care of your slaves. So, basically, most white Americans don’t even have generational ties to slavery during the antibellum slave periods of the south.

This is the kind of behavior and divisive rhetoric that will push people further away from this idea of racial egalitarianism and harmony for that matter. People who may have otherwise been open to the idea of living in racial harmony in America are now against it because of the Left’s double standards, their hypocrisy, and their consistent shaming of White Americans. If the Left could wake up to this, then they might be able to achieve their goal of racial harmony. But they aren’t going to get that if they always hoop and holler about white people who are proud of the good their ancestors did. They also most certainly are not going to get what they want with all of the Anti White rhetoric like Anthony Bourdain was spouting around when he was alive. Maybe the Left will realize this, maybe they won’t. Only time will tell.


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