Vanessa Trump Hospitalized After Receiving “White Substance” in the Mail


The envelope that sent Vanessa Trump to the hospital as a precautionary measure, was filled with a white, powdery substance that the NYPD said is likely corn starch.

The envelope was postmarked from Boston, and addressed to Vanessa’s husband, Donald Trump, Jr., who sent out a tweet calling the act “disgusting,” and stating that everyone at the residence is safe. Vanessa and two other residents of her 54th Street Manhattan building are in stable condition, and will be released soon, according to White House officials.

The FBI and the Secret Service are actively investigating the case, but no word has been released yet on whether or not they have any suspects.

David Schnall, a resident in the building, stated, “The media is inflaming a lot of hysteria with regard to Trump and this is just a product of that. There is an inflammation of hatred towards the president and anything to do with him, and hopefully this will be a signal for people to stop.”



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