Twitter’s Censorship Doesn’t Apply to Antifa


As Project Veritas released proof of what may be the biggest scandal in big tech history, Twitter’s unashamedly arrogant hypocrisy was entirely overshadowed by wall-to-wall media coverage of the word “sh**hole.” However, more serious journalists get beyond the sensationalist headlines that induce clicks and get users to scroll past ads for Viagra.

In light of the now confirmed allegations that Twitter uses shadow bans and other nefarious tactics to silence conservatives and what they so eloquently referred to as “rednecks,” we decided to investigate if these same standards are being applied to those on the other end of the political spectrum.

A brief search on Twitter revealed this not-so-subtle call to violence:

Antifa twitter

A full day after reporting the tweet to @TwitterSafety revealed that the post had not been taken down, but now showed up with a “sensitive content” warning. How quaint. When reached for comment, the user behind the account responded, “f*** you.”

One can only wonder how many hours they spent glaring at the glow of their laptop in a dark room, until their trembling fingers came to life with those two powerful words. Surely the keys must have flung themselves free from the board as they tapped ferociously away.

All humor aside, it’s beyond revealing that the same Twitter employees who shadow ban users for supporting the President, have deemed this tweet calling for the rape of white women to be in compliance with their new guidelines. This isn’t merely a display of hypocrisy, it’s a clear statement that Twitter’s staff will disregard the safety of women to support a political group whose modus operandi is to silence opposition with violence.



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