Twitter Locks Thousands of Libertarians & Conservatives Out of Their Accounts

Twitter censorship of conservatives and libertarians
"Twitler" (Nozzman)

Our entire staff here at The Sentinel just had to verify our Twitter accounts by SMS, so you’re not alone, readers. Even the Libertarians in our staff got hit.

As of this update, reports indicate Twitter “accidentally” labeled tens, possibly hundreds, of thousands of Libertarian and Conservative accounts as bots. During the process, they suspended Wrongthink, a Rightwing-friendly, free speech-focused social media network, much like Gab. Which begs the question: Will Gab be next?

It’s clear what Twitter’s staff are doing. Back in November, they stopped accepting new requests for Twitter verification, preventing anyone they disagree with from receiving the added exposure and “credibility” associated with the coveted blue check. Now, they’re hoping to purge the platform of the rest of us through a War of Attrition. Frequent shadowbans, lockouts, etc. to harass Libertarians, Conservatives, the Alt-Lite and the Alt-Right until we all give up and leave en masse. Not to mention all the users who no longer have access to an old phone number, and have to hope Twitter’s notoriously piss-poor support will unlock their accounts.

Twitter lockout
One of our readers who was locked out of his account

For those claiming this was to purge Twitter’s jacked up (pun intended) platform of real bots, I have an interesting piece of information that counters that claim. We recently purchased a large quantity of fake followers from a Russian bot provider for a backup Twitter account, as part of our investigative report on Twitter bots and their “influence.” None of those actual fake accounts were locked or restricted last night. Not a single one. And most of them are populated with egg profile pictures, while posting nothing but the same retweets of spammy links, Viagra ads and Russian “dating” sites that are sure to give your computer a raging case of digital herpes.

This reinforces my reasoning for being active on Gab, but I, personally, will not give in to this hypocritical, passive-aggressive censorship. I have even more reason to tweet my patriotism & jackassery daily: to piss off Jacko.


  1. I got locked today for absolutely no reason. I guess I have no right to publicly voice my opinion on the ridiculous “march for our lives” movement. This country is going to the dogs. One law I do hope to see (I’m no fan of arbitrary rules and laws) is an internet anti discrimination law, that prohibits websites from removing accounts at will and without justification. It is complete BS! This is exactly how propaganda works – silence the opposition. I am so PO’ed!

  2. I had one account, @tennislover, that I used to follow tennis pros. Not only did they lock me out, they allegedlt gave my account name to some 15 year old in california who had 4 tweets in it.

  3. Fuck Twitter. I used the textnow app to verify my account months ago, now I’ll probably never get back into it because the number has since been recycled. 50,000 followers on that account.



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