What Tuesday’s Special Election Means for Conservatives

Conor lamb Pennsylvania special election
Credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Tuesday’s special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district is a wake-up call for all concerned conservatives. The operative word is “energy,” and if that doesn’t get injected in the months ahead, many political gains will be lost.

Oh, sure, there is the 24/7 trashing of Trump by the disgraceful so-called media journalists. But it also comes from the ever-prevalent RINOs in the Republican Party, headed by John McCain and Lindsay Graham. Trump is not a perfect man, but isn’t it his policies Republicans should be concerned with and nothing else?

The liberal media is making an all-out effort to discourage evangelicals from voting and being involved. You can’t make it through a half-hour of cable news without hearing about the president’s behavior back to childhood.  Christians are shamed for supporting the president.

Liberals have a strategy to encourage a decline in conservative participation. They understand that if the Republicans lose either chamber, the President’s conservative agenda is as good as dead.

The Democrats propped up a candidate in Pennsylvania who sounded like a GOP conservative. Conor Lamb trashed Nancy Pelosi and supported the Second Amendment. It is the clearest of indicators of a party with no real principles aside from total power. They will eat their own to gain seats.

Conor Lamb never criticized President Trump.  That would have been foolish, considering Trump won the district by 20 points. His campaign signs did not indicate he was a Democrat. He was saying, “Trust me, I am not part of the resistance.” It was a simple case of divide and conquer.

Do those that voted for Lamb now think he will remain independent of the Pelosi web? The Democrat leadership might even let him vote with the Republicans periodically so he can keep his seat when he runs again in November, since this was a special election to fill a vacant seat.

But those that thought he was the better man may well reconsider. The Party with the most votes wins. If Republicans lose the majority, the Democrats can stall all legislation. That means the end of tax cuts, unemployment decline, cutbacks on welfare programs and steps to enforce our immigration laws.

There is no question the GOP needs to get their act together. Trump must reignite the base. He must scream out that if the Democrats get back in power, they will raise your taxes, wreck the economy, and take away your remaining liberties.

Moreover, the Democrats enjoy this extensive investigation into the no-evidence Russian collusion. But as the Justice Department begins to look at eight years of Barack Obama, the victorious Democrats will stop every investigation that is going on exposing the corruption that was taking place for many years.

Hillary Clinton will get away with serious crimes. She thought there was no way Donald Trump could win. The same goes for all of Obama’s dirty dealings. This is a war going on in this country for Americans’ hearts and minds.


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