Trump Meets with Congressional Leaders Over DACA

Will he break one of his biggest campaign promises??

Donald Trump DACA

WASHINGTON — On Tuesday, President Trump met with lawmakers on capitol hill to discuss DACA and “comprehensive” immigration reform. Senators Lindsey Graham and Dick Durbin were among the invited guests.

Last July, the President told Congress that he would give them six months to come up with a solution to the Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals, or DACA. This is the program that is responsible for over 800,000 illegal aliens in the US that came into the country as children.

DACA Protest

The media portrays an image of children, but in fact, most DACA recipients are now adults. The media also refers to the “dreamers” as being doctors, lawyers, and college students who are giving back to our society and economy, but statistics have shown otherwise.

President Trump, on the campaign trail, promised the country that he would put America first. One of his biggest campaign promises was to build a wall on the southern border and deport all illegal aliens who are in the US. He later backtracked on the deportation promise to only deporting violent crime offenders.

In today’s meeting, we saw a different side of the President. He appeared open to the idea of sweeping immigration reform that would lead to millions of illegals gaining a “pathway to citizenship.” “I will take the heat,” Trump stated to lawmakers when referring to bending on immigration reform.

Donald Trump

He also agreed to a framework for a short-term immigration deal to couple protection for young illegal aliens with border security. Most of the congressional lawmakers were surprised, confused, and excited to hear how the President was talking in relations to immigration.

“My head was spinning with all of the things that were said by the President and others in the room in the course of an hour and a half,” said Senator Richard J. Durbin, Democrat of Illinois, who has been leading the talks.

The President, while offering a deal to Democrats, could cause uproar amongst his base if he goes through with today’s promises. Donald Trump is either playing mind games with Congressional leaders, or he is seeking approval from the very ones who want to see him impeached.


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