Early Sunday Morning, President Trump hit the Twittersphere again, but this time to confirm some hot theories bouncing around the Trump supporter circles: the huge military budget allocated in the Omnibus bill will include enough to build a border wall via the military, and given the fact Omnibus is a bill and not a budget passed by Congress, Trump can control not only allocation of the funds in the bill, but the speed by which they are allocated.

This will allow him to crack down on sanctuary cities and puts the deck of cards in his hands when he needs to negotiate with the Democrats in Congress: perhaps choking the $500 million to Planned Parenthood will urge them to reconsider their filibuster of his pending appointments and every legislation the GOP will ever conceive.

Here is President Trump’s official tweet:

Is Omnibus a win now? Of course not. However, it is looking MUCH more like a 50/50 draw, with some power POTUS can use down the line, than the 70/30 Democrat win that it looked like upon its announcement. This is great news for Trump supporters, especially the BUILD THE WALL diehards, who have been yearning for the big, beautiful wall to be started for the past 12 months.

This is part of Trump’s immigration and drug plan, and Congress will be powerless to stop a wall construction via the military. If the wall is begun before November, that provides a huge boost and bragging rights campaign for the GOP who can run not only on cutting taxes, but also promising a phase 2 to the tax plan and tout the miles of border wall finished as promised. The GOP currently holds a 23-seat House lead to hold when they all go up for grabs this November.



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