Before I share my unfiltered opinion on the Syrian air strikes, I have one request for media and celebrity pontiffs alike: spare America your apocalyptic doom and sanctimonious drivel.

Barack Obama not only launched over twice as many Tomahawk missiles into Syria with no outcry from the pacifist peanut gallery, he cajoled the American people into accepting refugees, despite financing Hezbolla and Iran – both key allies of Bashar al Assad – while simultaneously arming and lending military intelligence to the Syrian Rebels with the support of Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Why stop “wagging the dog,” when you can cook the whole damn thing, sell it as a humanitarian crisis to justify mass Western immigration and get PETA to blame Russian hotdog vendors for feeding non-halal meat to Sunni “freedom” fighters. That is, after the elections are over, when you have more leverage to hug your childhood heros before accusing them of interference because you failed to properly rig an election Donald Trump won on a populist pledge to end corruption. Those circling scavengers who believe in never letting a good tragedy go to waste are typically the more vocal if not complicit, in cultivating the circumstances of misfortune’s fate.

The problem with Syria is that it’s a riddle, wrapped inside an enigma, camouflaged to keep the outside world from understanding the real roots of this geo-political, religious tug-of-war. In other words, outside of independent humanitarian efforts, it’s an intersecting landmine of incorrigible interests that has very little to do with saving human lives or preserving human rights, and everything to do with global superpowers and Islamic factions vying for control, due to its proximity to Israel and the Golan Heights. Otherwise, most so-called civilized nations would simply treat it as another destitute, war-ravaged third world nation. Before the rise of Islamic extremism under Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini and Iraq’s Suddam Hussein, Syria had a respectable agrarian, petroleum-based economy which enjoyed 336% per capita growth in the 1970’s. Now, after seven years of a devastating civil war resulting in upwards of 500,000 deaths, over 50% of their population is unemployed, 80% live in poverty and much of their infrastructure is destroyed or is in severe disrepair.

Believe it or not, Syria was recently considered one of the more moderate Middle Eastern nations, touting secular laws and religious freedom. The Assad family are Alawites, a branch of Shia Islam (Shiites) that intertwines Gnostic, Islamic, Christian elements and actually rejects much of Sharia Law. To Islamic fundamentalists, this “heresy” is compounded by the fact Alawites account for only 11% of the Syrian population; a statistic that only fuels Muslim claims of “illegitimacy.”

Syria before after civil war
Syria, before and after the civil war

While liberal critics are divided according to hating the President no matter what and aiding a new Muslim caliphate, approval for Trump’s attack on Syria’s weapons capabilities seems to boil down to one litmus test: did Assad actually use chemical weapons on his own citizens, opposition forces, or was it indeed a “False Flag” operation? A false flag is nothing more than a fabricated and/or manipulated event intended to incite outrage for the purpose of achieving sociopolitical change that might not happen otherwise. A staged hate crime before an election, a known fake dossier used to allege election tampering, or pschychological warfare convincing entrenched armies their leaders have surrendered, are all varying examples of such orchestrated ruses. In short, it is little more than organized propaganda, a tool of persuasion that has existed since the dawn of civilization, one the first governed city-states employed to usurp power, harness rage and topple empires.

Right or wrong, the difference between perspective and propaganda is negligible without tangible proof. While I freely confess to the deceptive ploys of antagonists, I am by no means a conspiracy theorist. I do not believe 9/11 or Newtown were false flags. There were simply too many moving parts – unrelated victims, credible motives and varying local, state and federal officials – to perpetrate and conceal these nefarious crimes. However, I do not dismiss the possibility of rogue sects within our intelligence community ignoring, exaggerating or even igniting potential threats, such as the Parkland shooting or Las Vegas massacre, to sow the seeds of a “Constitutional crisis” conveniently magnified by the media’s saturation of coached spectators and/or third party opportunists. Why soil your own hands when an armed patsy will do it for free? Even though some scenes of death and depravity have been undeniably doctored during the conflict to sway public opinion, there is little doubt Syria is a war-torn shithole defined by human atrocity.

Whether the attack on Syria was justified or prudent boils down to historical precedent or more succinctly, trust. While leftists love to mock the “fairy tale” existence of WMDs in Iraq, it’s a U.N. documented fact Saddam Hussein gassed thousands of Kurds with banned chemical weapons. Furthermore, the CIA also surmised it was highly likely much of those stockpiles were transported to Syria before the commencement of Operation Desert Storm; a country which once sought to create a unified state with Iraq under the Ba’ath Party in 1978, follow by a brief period of political animosity until Assad took power in 2000. The probable existence of chemical weapons in Syria, the assertions of repeated attacks in 2013 (though also murky in their evidence), are potential indicators of further crimes commited by the Assad government. However, for myself personally, the most compelling piece of evidence is the assurance of one General Mattis – an unswerving Patriot, decorated Marine and revered man of integrity – who is “absolutely confident” such an attack occured last week.

Despite the strong case for military intervention, a pinpoint bombing campaign I believe was both justifiable and exceptionally planned with minimal to no loss of life, it was but a symbolic show of force that will likely do little to deter future attacks in a hopelessly hostile environment. In a perfect world where the religious fanatism of Iran and Hezbollah doesn’t exist, where Russia and America are bound by a common duty in lieu of gaining strategic leverage, and where Israel’s homeland is not in daily distress, the entire globe would stand in unison to ensure the dignity of every human life and the majesty of natural-born liberty.

Unfortunately, because we do not yet live in a world community where reason trumps rhetoric and history precludes hypocrisy, a red line must periodically be drawn in the sand; that ethical boundary which personifies moral obligation. The only real question that remains is who will cross it, what will be the consequences and how many will be paid to look the other way? When fighting one injustice requires appeasing another, martyrdom becomes the most democratic form of hostage negotiation. We cannot truly help the Islamic community alter centuries of systemic strife in the Middle East until they universally seek to assimilate to a more humane way of life.


  1. This is a fantastically written article, but Stephen Whitt, but you know that since you have stolen these words from the real writer, Xavier Keough. It makes me seriously doubt your credentials of even having served in our military, since that generally endows a person with more integrity than what you have shown in a number of articles that you have falsely published under your name instead of Xavier Keough. Is he the only author that you plagiarize or are there others? I’m alerting The Sentinel to your deceit. Shame on you Stephen.

  2. You are a thief! You plagiarized this piece, and you know it! You are a veteran who should be living by a higher standard; unwavering values.



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