The Second Segregation


With the recently sparked aggression against Kanye West, Chance the Rapper, and Candace Owens, prominent black figures that have chosen to speak out in defense of free thought, speech and expression, the left has exposed its sinister ulterior motives. What has remained hidden in subtle passive aggressive behaviors implicating white Americans as being inherently racist is now exposed as an explicit, systematic attack to demonize not only whites, but racial minorities who refuse to tow the line and succumb to the Procrustean bed of racial victimization.

The ultimate goal of leftism is not unification, equality, egalitarianism, or homogeneity in terms of physical society. Liberals do not seek to be perceived as equivalent to the white majority of Americans, but rather to be perceived as superior to them. This is most notably illustrated in the left’s call for reparations from white Americans to compensate for slavery, a statement also declared by the notorious Maxine Waters. What the left fails to acknowledge, however, is that a great majority of African Americans already receive reparations in the form of Affirmative Action. 39.6% of black citizens receive welfare, a collective total of 26,884,000 Americans. Conversely, only 16.8% of White citizens receive welfare, or a collective total of 11,405,000 citizens. This is lower than the number of Blacks(26,884,000), Asians(12,220,000) , and Hispanics( 14,392,000) who collect welfare.

In terms of food stamps, 31% of black citizens collect them, in contrast to only 15% of white citizens. In short, 62% of the population(whites) only possesses half of the population of citizens on food stamps, in contrast to 12%(blacks) of the population that possesses double the percentage on food stamps.

But despite societal reparations already being implemented to the benefit of millions of racial minorities, the vehement demands for compensation and paranoid accusations of inherent racism on the part of white Americans continue to expand.

The majority of these accusations originate from falsified claims that African Americans are wrongfully targeted and arrested due to racial profiling. The pivotal point of irony, however, is that racial minorities use this point as an argument of discrimination without discussing why there is a statistically higher arrest of black Americans in the first place.

This is due to the disproportionate amount of crime that is committed at the hands of racial minorities, which comprise only 12% of the population; this minority commits a higher percentage of both murder and robbery than the predominantly white 62% of the population, with the former possessing 4,203 counts of murder in comparison to the latter’s 4,101, and 44,002 counts of robbery in comparison to whites’ 34,761.

There is also a disproportionately high intra-racial tendency towards violence. From 1980 to 2008, 93% of black victims were killed by blacks.This would indicate inner-community conflict, or, a hypothesis that this disproportionate violence is self-inflicted. Between the frequent use of drugs, gang violence and poverty, this hypothesis is confirmed as being statistically accurate.

However, some prominent black musicians, speakers and activists have spoken out against this tendency of victimization. These include Morgan Freeman, Lil Wayne, and most notably, Kanye West, Chance the Rapper, and Candace Owens. All five of these individuals have proclaimed freedom from the alleged oppression and systematic racism that black lives matter and other liberal organizations have insisted racial minorities are currently afflicted by- and have been viciously attacked and degraded in return.

In response to Kanye West’s call for freedom of thought and speech, he has been aggressively condemned as a traitor by Snoop Dogg, and numerous other black Americans who insist that racism is more prominent now than ever. Simply speaking, black Americans have allowed themselves to become entangled with what many call, the Democrat Plantation. Snoop Dogg went so far as to photoshop Kanye to appear white, and condemning him as having essentially abandoned the social justice cause of racial minorities.

Elsewhere, this racist tendency against whites is being implemented under the guise of racial justice and wealth redistribution; a recent example of this occurred in New Orleans, in which a restaurant owner deliberately charged white customers at a higher rate than black customers; at a rate of $30 compared to the black charge of $12. This illustrates a vivid point; liberal organizations that claim to prioritize racial equality and egalitarianism are merely using this claim as a facade to disguise their true intention, that being, to grant racial minorities a position of superiority.

The intention is not to establish egalitarianism in modern America, or to be perceived on equal footing to white Americans. The sinister ulterior motive behind these false organizations like Black Lives Matter and Antifa are, simply speaking, meant to demonize white Americans, form insurgencies to disenfranchise them, and ultimately overwhelm them in systematic opposition to drive them out of their countries, as we are currently witnessing in South Africa, where the President called for the reparations to be fulfilled by the confiscation of the property of white farmers. Even further, however, is the intention to keep racial minorities contained with political incentives, and entrap them in poverty, high levels of crime, and through the encouragement of violence.

Unless a greater quantity of racial minorities break away from the tribalistic groupthink of liberal America, they will continue to remain slaves to a system that merely exploits them by falsely selling them a title of victimization. As spoken in 1984, racial minorities have been convinced that “Freedom is Slavery.” In the words of Candace Owens, one must choose to be a victor, rather than a victim.


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