Supreme Court Turns Down Trump’s Appeal in Dreamers Case

Lower courts had kept in place the program that protects illegal immigrants brought here as children from deportation.

Supreme Court daca appeal
Credit: J. Scott Applewhite/AP

The Supreme Court on Monday declined to enter the national controversy over “dreamers.” They summarily turned down the Trump administration’s request to immediately review lower court decisions.

The present plan protects from deportation undocumented immigrants brought here as children. It appears that it will now be up to Congress to decide the next move.

President Trump announced in September that he would let the program expire in March, unless Congress acted. The Democrats turned down his proposal to increase the number of amnesty-relevant numbers by over 100 percent. Their reasoning is they want a single bill with no attachments.

Under Trump’s leadership, that will never happen. If Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the far-left wish to see DACA enacted, certain measures must be in place to guarantee this does not happen again. That includes lottery and chain migration, a partial wall on the border, and no voting rights for DACA amnesty citizens for 15 years.

Unreasonable? By allowing a supposed 1.8 million new people into the country, that number will be tripled within ten years. That is a huge amount of foreign citizens, many of whom are unskilled, do not know the language and are on government subsidies, or all three.

Dreamers protest supreme court
“Dreamers” protest outside the U.S. Supreme Court (Leslie Swall)

Such a mass of immigrants is a heavy burden on American taxpayers, just for Pelosi to appease her voting base. This is not something to be fashionable about; it is the affect it will have on the economy, unemployment and tax levels.

Efforts on Capitol Hill to revive the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) as part of a broader deal on immigration policy have failed. That is a certainty. It is now up to the Democrats to either face the reality of the world as it is, or pander their ideas to a shrinking Democratic Party dominated by the far-left.

That means absolutely no voting rights for a protracted period of time, as these new arrivals get a job, learn English and acclimate to their new country and its customs. Immediate voting almost certainly will lead most of the new arrivals to be under the false impression that it is the left who provided their comfort upon arrival, when in reality it is all American taxpayers.



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