Third World San Francisco: How Liberal Politics Destroyed A Once Great American City


It was only last year that the mainstream media happily touted the idea that President Trump was somehow to blame for the declining tourist numbers in San Francisco. This theory was originally given life when members of several local small-business advocacy groups blamed Trump’s infamous travel ban as the cause of an alleged tourist downturn. After all, what else but the evil Conservative President could possibly have caused less people to want to visit the Progressive utopia that is modern San Francisco?

Now, however, a new theory has begun to emerge, one that paints the blame not on the President, but rather on what decades of Liberal politics have done to this once great American city. With a new investigation launched by the local NBC affiliate station revealing the shocking and horrific condition of the city. Far from a tourist paradise, the investigation revealed that conditions in large areas of San Francisco are now comparable to the worst slums in the world. It’s not just the traditionally poor area’s either, with popular tourist spots like Union Square or even City Hall featuring public streets covered in everything from used drug needles to human feces.

For an example of just how bad things have gotten, look no further than the fact Preschool teachers are now being forced to educate toddlers on the dangers of both human feces and needles. Worse than that, however, are the serious health concerns currently plaguing the city. Concerns so bad that Dr. Lee Riley, an infectious disease expert who has traveled to various third world slums warns that the city’s “contamination is much greater than communities in Brazil or Kenya or India.”

Dr. Riley would later go on to explain to NBC that in most third world countries, slum dwellings are seen as long-term homes, so residents there do at least attempt to make the surroundings more livable when possible. In San Francisco, however, the vast homeless population has no such concern about their surroundings, as they expect to simply pack up and move elsewhere when conditions get too undesirable.

The thousands of used needles littering public streets are often contaminated with the likes of HIV, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, and a variety of other deadly diseases, whose infection rates have skyrocketed in the city in recent years. Worse yet for public health though, is the risk of dried fecal matter going airborne which can lead to possibly fatal viral infections. In other words, smog pollution is hardly the most dangerous thing you may be breathing in while walking the streets of San Francisco.

Needles and human feces in San Francisco
Chart: Sam Hart * Source: San Francisco 311 * Created with Datawrapper

San Francisco was once known as one of the most beautiful cities in the country, if not even the world. It’s prime coastline location, which offered up countless scenic vistas, attracted tourists from around the globe. Now, however, as slow decay continues to rot away these same vistas and the once never-ending parade of tourists begin to disappear, about the only thing residents can still cling to for pride is their claim of being America’s most Liberal city. A title that was recently confirmed in a report published in the American Political Science Review, which reaffirmed San Francisco as the overall most Progressive city in the country, in terms of both its people’s and official governmental policies. Perhaps ironically, it’s this same Liberalism that is the root cause of the city’s slow downturn to begin with.

Worse yet, for the city’s future prospects are that, thus far, local leaders have responded to the crisis not by changing the behaviors that led them there, but rather by doubling down on the same type of feel-good Regressive-Left nonsense which led to such disaster in the first place. These Progressive policies are now causing the city to enter a sort of self-destructive loop, as their entire economy long-based on tourist revenue, begins to crumble under the pressure. The drop in tourism, leading to only ever more unemployment citywide, which in turn inevitably leads to only even more homeless. Instead of looking for ways to raise San Francisco’s high unemployment rate, however, city supervisor Hilary Ronen believes the answer is as simple as more free beds for the homeless.

While it certainly sounds nice, it’s policies like more free beds that have led to this mess in the first place. Why reward the same drug addicts destroying your city with even more free goods? These never-ending handouts are only ensuring that ever more poverty-stricken people from around the nation continue to descend on the already destroyed San Francisco.

Instead of sticking with the same approach that already become a proven failure, isn’t it time for something different? How about lowering the minimum wage for example, so the unemployment rate drops back down and more people have an actual chance to be self-sufficient. It’s time city leaders stopped trying to act like a nanny to the same people literally shitting on street corners and started building an environment that promoted self-sufficiency over dependency.

Currently, the biggest loser in this whole mess is the average San Francisco tax paying citizen. Whose money instead of going to cleaning up the city they call home, goes to ever more handouts for the very same people trashing it. For example, two new “Navigation Centers” for the homeless will be going up by the end of the summer, at the cost of over ten million state-funded dollars.

In the meantime, the public works department, which already can’t keep up with cleaning demands, is facing even more budget cuts. Already the city spends around $30 million a year just towards cleaning up needles and feces from city sidewalks. The American dream this is not. For now, about all we can do is remember the city as the once beautiful icon of the West Coast it once was, and hope that it may be again one day.



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