Report: SPLC is America’s Premier Hate Group

Hate hustlers and mediawhores

SPLC biased
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The Southern Poverty Law Center, based in Alabama, calls itself “the premier” group monitoring hate. Give them money, and they will “fight the hate that thrives in our country.” What they really mean is, give them enough money and they’ll label your opposition a hate group.

I once believed in the center’s mission. Well-meaning idiots still do.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali grew up in Somalia, where she was forced to undergo female genital mutilation. Now, she speaks out against radical Islam and the suffering of women under Sharia law. As a reward for her activism, the SPLC placed her on its list of “dangerous extremists.”

SPLC hypocrisy on islam

Maajid Nawaz was once an Islamic extremist. Then he witnessed the many innocent lives lost or irrevocably damaged by his ideology, and he started criticizing the very clerics who had radicalized him. SPLC labeled him an “anti-Muslim extremist,” as well.

In a bitter irony, they also labeled Pamela Geller an extremist, for exposing the intimidation and violence used to silence women who speak out against radical Islam.

And the lamestream mediawhores are always there to lap up the spoonfed narrative, using the SPLC as a “highly credible source.” Look how well that worked out for them when they reported the Parkland shooter was a white supremacist.

While conducting hateful smear campaigns like these, SPLC continuously reminds you to donate to “join the fight against hatred and bigotry.” The altspeak (my new term for doublethink) is so blatant, only a fool would fall for it, right? There are hundreds of thousands of fools more than happy to fund this hate group. Apple just gave them a million dollars. So did prominent Hollywood buffoon and occasional actor George Clooney. In 2016, the SPLC raised $319.3 million selling hate to the highest bidder.

Not only does the SPLC destroy innocent people’s careers, but they make them the targets of real hate groups. In 2012, Floyd Corkins walked into the Family Research Council headquarters with the intent of killing everyone inside, shooting the building manager, Leo Johnson, in the arm before he was stopped. The only reason his plan was unsuccessful is because a wounded, but underestimated Johnson managed to wrestle Corkins to the ground, beat the shit out of him with his good arm, disarm him and hold him at gunpoint until the police arrived. What inspired Corkins’ plan to commit a mass shooting? He found the FRC on SPLC’s hategroup list.

In return for all those hundreds of millions of dollars in donations sent to SPLC, Americans have funded a group that lists people like Ben Carson and Judge Andrew Napolitano as extremists — but doesn’t list the leftist militant hate groups that have been documented committing violence, such as Antifa, Revolutionary Student Front, etc., etc.

SPLC is the premier hate group. It’s a mediawhoring, greedy slander machine.



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