Late last year 4chan and its lesser-known but equally influential counterpart 8chan, started a now infamous political activism campaign known only as “It’s Okay To Be White.” For those unfamiliar, Operation IOTBW as it was called by participants, involved the spreading of simple posters all around public locations featuring the phrase in question. The plan was an overwhelming success with signs popping up all over the United States including on many prominent University campuses, along with some even appearing across Europe as well. Unsurprisingly, this led to widespread mainstream media attention with even the likes of The Washington Post covering the story.

While Operation IOTBW was still showing signs of life as recently as last month, when the slogan was discovered on cards placed inside boxes of diapers sold at Target of all places. The actual internet trolls behind the original efforts appear to have moved on. Possibly because of the media’s insistence that the phrase is the product of hardcore Neo-Nazi’s and not just the creation of an army of disaffected internet trolls looking for a few easy laughs. Which begs the question, just what are these people up to now?  The answer, a brand new “Operation” that might just lead to an even bigger mainstream outrage than the last.

Much like its predecessor, Operation Redstick looks to find success in its own simplicity. On the politically incorrect or /pol/ board of 8chan this new plan has been described as, “cost-effective, simple, and very low-risk.” Instead of signs and banners, the key to this new plan are cheap innocuous flash drives. The kind most of us encounter on a semi-regular basis. The idea is simple, acquire a cheap USB drive, load it up with your favorite “RedPills” and just leave in a public place where someone will eventually notice it. On a college campus, for example, a flash drive left in a computer lab will surely be opened by anyone who finds it. Some might do so hoping to track down its owner and return it, and others just out of curiosity. What they will find in this case, however, will confuse some, enlighten others, and surely outrage many. Which of course is the entire point.

One major benefit to this plan is that it is in many ways inherently less risky than the It’s Okay To Be White campaign, which led to many people facing real-world consequences for placing signs and banners in locations they were not allowed. In comparison, simply leaving a flash drive sitting somewhere is hardly a crime, even if the information contained on it might be considered offensive to some. 8chan, in particular, seems focused on making this the next big thing, with an entire offshoot /Redstick/ board having been created to organize and coordinate the effort.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the biggest point of discussion thus far, has been an open debate over just what kind of content to include on the flash drives in question. With many suggesting that a drive filled with meme based images taking cheap shots at the ridiculousness of Social Justice Warrior types as the best path towards truly redpilling any so-called “normies”. Others instead seem set on taking the opposite approach, filling their redsticks with information regarding serious issues such as illegal immigration and Islam. Backing up their claims with digital mountains worth of fact-based evidence. For those both brave and curious, one of the more professional style premade info packs tackling issues like crime statistics can be downloaded here. Alternatively, a larger but funnier collection of image-based redpills can be found here.

To have an idea of just how serious many of the participants are, keep in mind the above picture is only the cover page of an entire tactical strategy guide created to help maximize the results from these efforts. With all this in mind, it’s surely only a matter of time before the first mainstream reports start rolling in about some furious college student or Target shopper who dared to open a mysterious looking flash drive. While the outrage that will follow is a sure enough bet, what remains a more questionable proposition, is whether or not Operation Redstick will actually succeed in its namesake goal of truly “red pilling” anyone into changing their minds.

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  1. Wait, what is so risky about “It’s Okay to be White?”. I am not American so I apologize for my ignorance, but I thought you had a big problem with racism as it is. Why would you imply that saying “it’s OK to be white” is something bad? Are you implying that it is not in fact okay to be a white person? Why the blatant racism??

    • Calm your tits Igor. He’s simply recalling incidents where school kids got in trouble for posting “It’s Okay to be White” posters at school. And yes, this is blatant racism against whites. That’s the brilliance of the campaign. Showing their knee-jerk anti-white racism can be triggered by even the most benign statements.



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