“Rape Jihad” Leads to Changing Overton Window in Europe


It can’t have escaped anyone’s notice, where ever you are in the world, about the recent story in the UK. It was in a town called Telford in Shropshire, and I worked there a number of years ago. It was quite a pretty English town as I recall.

But that is not why it is receiving interest now. The Daily Mirror, a tabloid newspaper, has been running an investigation over 18 months into what they call “child grooming.” Over 1000 young girls, some as young as 11 years old, have been systematically abused, raped, gang-raped, tortured and, in some cases, murdered by what in the UK is called “Asian” grooming gangs.

‘Asian’ has become a euphemism in Britain, so as not to cause offence to the ‘Muslim community.’ The fact is these gangs are predominantly Pakistani Muslim. They are not Indo-Chinese, Sikh, Hindu, Indian or even from the Pacific rim of China/Japan.

Grooming gangs uk
“Asian” grooming gang suspects

This, the Daily Mirror informs us, has been going on since the 1980’s, but the authorities did nothing. They were seen by the council social workers as prostitutes, not victims. Too much trouble to spend too much time on. In fact, the police only looked into it in the 1990’s, and one case was reported five times, nothing was done until the MP for Telford, Lucy Allen, intervened. One girl has said she went to the pharmacy to get the morning after pill twice a week, no one questioned why someone so young was taking so many contraceptives.

This story follows on from the Rotherham scandal of 2016, where 1400 children, young girls were raped, kidnapped and abused by similar Pakistani gangs. Again nothing was done. Again they were seen as prostitutes. It took a social worker to become a whistle blower before their pleas for help were taken seriously. The social worker lost her job for that!

Rotherham has an ethnic population of just 11%, according to the 2011 census. Telford’s  is even smaller. Its Pakistani population is less than 2%, which makes this all the more shocking.

It gets worse. One girl who refused to be raped any more had her home set on fire by her predatory ‘boyfriend.’ Lucy Lowe, who was 16 years old, was pregnant. She had been abused since 14 years old, and lived with her sister, Sarah, 17 years old, and her mother, Ellen, 49. He set fire to the family home, and in doing so also killed them all. Azhar Ali Mahmood, 26 years old, was charged and convicted of murder. It’s like something from an awful horror film. Except this is real. There was no mention of the years of abuse of his victim at Mahmood’s trial, and he is expected to have served just five years when he is released.

In another instance, Becky Watson (13) was killed in an unexplained car crash. It now transpires she too had been abused by an ‘Asian’ (read: Muslim) gang since she was 11.

Across the country, in Oxford, home of the world-famous university, last week seven men, including two sets of brothers, were sentenced for rape, trafficking and organizing prostitution, using girls as young as 12. One was told that if she refused the men would come and rape her sister, another was branded on the buttocks with the letter ‘M’, signifying she was the property of Mohammed! This is not just abuse, this is designed to cause the maximum damage and harm. Some have even called it rape jihad.

Nazir Afzal, a senior UK lawyer who has campaigned on issues of child exploitation and violence towards females, has said that Telford is just the tip of the iceberg – people feel powerless. Any time they want action on this they are met with the usual cries from the leftists in establishment of “racism” or “Islamophobia.”

Labour MP Naz Shah has tweeted that the white girls ‘should just shut their mouths for the good of diversity’ This is an unbelievable national outrage, what does the rest of the world think?

Naz shah Diversity tweet

This interestingly seems to be running in tandem with the recent UK sinister clampdown on free speech. Martin Sellner of the Austrian pro-western identarian movement, and American Brittany Pettibone were arrested and deported on March 9th. Their crime? Martin wanted to speak at Speakers Corner, where anyone can say anything without fear of arrest, and Brittany wanted to interview Tommy Robinson, a UK activist who has warned about the grooming scandal and inner city Islamisation for the past 15 years!

Canadian Lauren Southern didn’t even get that far. She was detained by border police at Calais, Northern France, and has now had a lifetime ban from entering the UK slapped on her.

It’s like living in a dystopian reality that Orwell and Bradbury could have only dreamed up together.

The pressure cooker is building up a head of steam now. This cannot go on indefinitely. The more the politicians refuse to discuss, or even acknowledge what is happening, and the more victims have to live this miserable existence not believed or listened to, the bigger the eruption will be.

There is instability everywhere in Europe. In Italy the established left got less than 20% of the vote recently. Marie Le Pen in France took 11M votes, and the Socialists got just 6%. In Germany the right AfD (Alternative for Germany) also took a big vote, with around 50% voting against Merkel. There are no clear winners from established parties. The people are now getting restless, they demand change, the like of which has not seen for some time.

We are on the cusp of a political upheaval in Europe. And specifically in the UK. A Tea Party moment. It will be more than Brexit, more than just a new political party being formed, and more than a general dissent. The door is about to be kicked in and it is coming soon.


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