Nunes Memo: Bombshell or Dud?

Will it be effective?

Devin Nunes

On Friday, we finally got to see the Nunes memo on the FBI’s handling of obtaining a FISA warrant on former Trump campaign staffer, Carter Page. The declassification of this memo has been a hot button issue for the past month.

The House Intelligence Committee, lead by Devin Nunes, carried out their own investigation on, what they say, is rampant corruption within the FBI and how they conducted formal business during the 2016 presidential  campaign. Several attempts were made by congressional Democrats, the mainstream media, and FBI Director Christopher Wray to stop the release of this document.

Congressional Democrats accused this memo of being one-sided and being an effort by House Republicans, and even the President himself, to discredit the Russia investigation. Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said “Republicans substantially altered the classified document before they sent it to the White House.”

State of the Union

President Trump’s base has been storming Twitter for a month with #ReleaseTheMemo tweets, and now we finally have this notorious memo. I said from the very beginning that this could potentially be a flop, but it does look like we have a few pieces of crucial information.

In Nunes memo, it states that a Yahoo article, written by Yahoo’s Chief Investigative Journalist Michael Isikoff, was “cited extensively” in an FBI surveillance warrant application on former Trump campaign advisor, Carter Page.

The fact that Page was under federal investigation over traveling to Moscow two months prior, was reported first by Yahoo News and Isikoff.

Isikoff secured a meeting with former British spy and creator of the infamous dossier, Christopher Steele. We know that Fusion GPS was paid by the DNC and the Clinton Campaign to carry out “opposition research” and ultimately created the dossier. Isikoff’s article was based off of his meeting with Steele.

Michael isikoff and Christopher steele
Christopher Steele and Michael Isikoff (Yahoo/AP)

The now declassified Nunes memo claims that the FISA application relied on the Yahoo article to “corroborate” the Steele dossier. It also highlights that the article came from information that Steele himself leaked to Yahoo News. Let that sink in. The FBI used Yahoo News to corroborate their intel. 

Isikoff stated on Friday that “One of the reasons it [Nunes Memo] stunned me is because the information that I got from Steele was information the FBI already had.”

It is clear that there was extreme bias within the FBI and their investigation into Donald Trump’s campaign, but the majority of this memo listed things we already suspected. The President reportedly told friends that he felt the memo would vindicate his claims that special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russian investigation was a “witch hunt.”

We will see in the coming weeks how effective this declassified memo will be. The mainstream media and congressional Democrats have spent the past few weeks trying to discredit the memo.

Stay tuned for the latest updated information on this story.


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