Muslims Violently Attack Police & Bystanders at Tommy Robinson’s Speech at Speakers’ Corner


As Tommy Robinson read Martin Sellner’s speech at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park, London today, a mob of angry Muslims violently attacked bystanders and British police.

Videos of the event show several Muslims clashing with police officers, hitting passersby and using sticks to beat Britons attending Robinson’s speech.

Tommy Robinson speakers corner

No arrests have been reported from British authorities, despite clear evidence of assault caught on camera and witnessed by constables providing security for the event.

Robinson read aloud Sellner’s speech, that was cancelled by the U.K. Government on the grounds it “might incite violence.” Sellner, and his girlfriend, American author Brittany Pettibone, were detained by British authorities last week for three days under the country’s Title 7 Terrorism Act.

Robinson fearlessly chose to face the dangers of Muslim radicals, by ensuring Sellner’s words were spoken at Speakers’ Corner, the site of many notable gatherings and speeches, from the last words of those hanged on the historic site in the 1800s, to protesters fighting for women’s suffrage from 1906-1914. In the 1872 Parks Regulation Act, the right to meet and speak freely in Hyde Park was established through a series of regulations governing the conduct of meetings.


  1. What??…. How Can this be!!!! I thought moslem’s were Peaceful??? Who Knew?? EVERYBODY KNEW!!!!! It’s Their way or the Violent Way!!!! Why are Countries even bringing in These 3rd World Savages?? They All belong in the Desert Killing Each Other, That IS all They are Good At!!!!



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