Congress Takes Aim at Conservatives, Ignores Left-Wing Extremism


On the 14th of February, Congress introduced legislation that is allegedly intended “To authorize dedicated domestic terrorism offices to analyze and monitor domestic terrorist activity and require the Federal Government to take steps to prevent domestic terrorism.”

While this appears to be a benevolent endeavor to the naked eye, it, like many other legislative bills, has a far more biased, skewed intention under the surface. The bill, cited as “The Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2018,” attempts to address instances of probable domestic terrorism-in the most incredibly distorted way possible. The bill makes the erroneous claim that “White supremacists and other right-wing extremists are the most significant domestic terrorism threat facing the United States.”

The instances cited within the bill, generally isolated incidents, are used as ammunition to demonize Conservatives, labeling them as “right-wing extremists.” The bill completely fails to acknowledge the statistical fact that racial minorities commit an incredibly disproportionate amount of crime in comparison to white individuals; 12.3% of the population commits a higher frequency of both murder and robbery than the predominant 63%. This has been a consistent trend throughout the last several years; in 2012, the total arrest count for murder was 4,203 blacks, in comparison to 4,101 whites, whereas the arrest count for robbery of 44,002 for blacks far exceeded the count of 34,761 for whites. The same tendency was more recently present in 2016; the total arrest count for murder was 4,935 for blacks, in comparison to 4,192 for whites. For robbery, the arrest count of blacks stood at 41,562, in comparison to 33,095 for whites. To reiterate, a demographic comprising only 1/5 of the white population commits more acts of both murder and robbery.

The same demographically relevant tendency of violence may be observed within the fact that 4 out of the 10 most predominantly black cities within the country are also 4 out of the 10 most violent. Those are: Baltimore, Maryland, Memphis, Tennessee, Detroit, Michigan, and Birmingham, Alabama. Going further, 7 out of the 10 most violent cities in the United States possess a majority black population of at least 50%, those being, Detroit, St, Louis, Memphis, Birmingham, Atlanta, Baltimore, and Cleveland. Similar incidents can likewise be found in places like Chicago, which has experienced a tragically exponential rate of nearly 3,000 shooting victims in 2018. 

Shooting Chicago 2018
Blood can be seen on the sidewalk in the Chatham neighborhood of Chicago, after a deadly shooting (Erin Hooley/Chicago Tribune)

White supremacists are, in fact, not the primary source of domestic crime within the United States, but racial minorities; it is for this reason that acts of terrorism under the malicious eye of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and other leftist terrorist organizations are not called terrorism, but are instead hailed as honorable acts of defiance against racial oppression. It’s even been suggested by progressives that a black man can’t be guilty of raping a white woman, as she’s “higher on the oppression pyramid.” I wish I was kidding.

The fact that these organizations have so vehemently rioted and destroyed infrastructure during numerous occasions, like the inauguration of President Trump, demonstrates their grossly violent tendencies, but such incidents are ignored by the mainstream media, who are paralyzed with fear of a two syllable word: “Racist.”

The manipulative bill introduced by Congress discusses isolated incidents of terrorism, like the murder of 9 church attendees by white supremacist Dylan Roof in 2015, but ignores more severe incidents, like the Pulse Nightclub shooting, in which 49 people were murdered, and 58 more injured, at the hands of an Islamic terrorist.

It mentions a 2017 attack in which an alleged white supremacist killed an african American man in New York, but neglects the event of the Chicago four, notorious black teenagers who kidnapped, tortured, scalped and terrorized a mentally disabled white teenager on a Facebook live stream.

It mentions the Charlottesville event, in erroneously accusing an alleged “white supremacist” of killing leftist protester Heather Heyer, when her own mother admitted that she died as a result of a heart attack.

It also mentions an attack in Portland, Oregon, in which a man murdered 2 others and injured a third, over alleged “Anti-muslim hate speech,” but fails to acknowledge the numerous incidents of terrorism committed at the hands of Islamic terrorists. The bill completely ignores the disproportionate amount of violence that such a microscopic population in the U.S. (only 1%) is responsible for, including the San Bernardino attack, which resulted in 22 deaths and 14 injuries, the previously mentioned Pulse Nightclub shooting that cost 49 lives and 58 injuries, the Ohio State stabbing which injured 11, the New York and New Jersey bombings which injured 35, the notorious 9/11 attack that resulted in 2,996 deaths, and so many more tragedies.

Should Congress actually want to address probabilities of terrorism, they need look no further than the impoverished communities of Chicago, Baltimore, Atlanta, New York, Detroit, and Birmingham. The frequency of gang activity, transaction and distribution of illegal drugs, and single-parent homes are all contributing factors to the probability of crime.

Nevertheless, Congress can’t expect to be taken seriously in this futile endeavor to demonize Conservatives as being likely domestic terrorists if they are incapable of addressing 3,000 shootings in a predominantly black city within a two-month time span alone. Fortunately, facts aren’t subjected to irrational phobias of racism.

Black Lies Matter

Posted by Avialae S. Horton on Thursday, October 19, 2017


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